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1-4 vs 1-6 LPVO Scope: Which Optic Should You Choose?

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Whether you’re out hunting or just want to do some tactical target practice, a low-power variable optic (LPVO) scope is highly adaptable and efficient in both situations.

However the question remains…

1-4 vs 1-6 LPVO scopes: should you go with a 1-4x variable zoom or a 1-6x?

Let’s look at the differences and see when they work best.

1-4 vs 1-6 LPVO Scope

When looking at a 1-4 vs 1-6 LPVO Scope, both models can come with the same features, including illuminated reticles, MOE or Milrad markings, and diopters to help you zero out your shot. In some cases, you may find identical scopes that have the same measurements but just a different magnification range.

What Are the Differences?

The difference between 1-4 vs 1-6 LPVO scopes is the zoom.

The 1-4 and 1-6x designation refers to the scope’s magnification range. The latter can magnify your target up to six times, while a 1-4x scope can magnify it four times. As a rule, 1x magnification means a target at 100 feet will look like it’s one foot away.

Another difference between these scopes is the price. Because you can see farther, a 1-6x model will always be more expensive than a 1-4x scope. 

In addition, 1-4x sights may have better glass for improved image clarity. However, high-end 1-6x scopes will also have excellent glass, but you’ll need to pay more for it.

What Is The Best 1-4x Scope?

For those of you interested in specific scope recommendations, we have an entire article on the best 1-4x scopes available on the market. We cover the top optics for every shooter.

Here’s a rundown of what LPVO is as a whole:

Who Is a 1-4 Scope For?

Because of its relatively limited range, a 1-4 scope is ideal for tactical shooting, such as target practice or home defense. It may also work well for varmint or small-game hunting if you can get within 200 yards of your target.

Overall, 1-4x scopes can be good for AR-15s and other semi-automatic weapons, or they can work for bolt-action rifles if you’re hunting small game and varmints.

Who Is a 1-6 Scope For?

Since a 1-6x scope has a broader visible range, it works well for home defense and big-game hunting. This scope is highly adaptive and can work on a variety of guns for multiple purposes. 

If you get a thermal or night vision scope, this magnification range can also work for night hunting. (1)

LPVO 1-6x scope mounted on a rifle

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What LPVO does the US military use?

The US Military uses a SIG Sauer TANGO6T 1-6x24mm LPVO optic as the default for most of its combat firearms. In fact, this particular scope was developed with the US Army, so it would be suitable for close and mid-range shooting.

What range is a 1×6 scope good for?

The ideal range for a 1×6 scope would be up to 300 yards (274.3 meters) for accuracy and precision. However, adept and experienced shooters can likely hit targets up to 500 yards (457.2 meters) away with this magnification.

What is a 1×4 scope used for?

A 1×4 scope is mainly used for close-range firing within 200 yards (182.9 meters) or less. So, it works well for tactical aiming (i.e., target practice or home defense) or even game hunting if you can get relatively close to your target.

What scope did Chris Kyle use?

Although sniper Chris Kyle used a variety of guns and scopes throughout his time in Iraq, the one he used the most was a Nightforce NXS 8-32x56m sight. This sight works well for sniping because of its precision at long distances of up to 800 yards (731.5 meters) or more.

Man looking through a 1-4x LPVO

How far can a LPVO shoot?

Typically, an LPVO scope can shoot up to 500-600 yards (457.2-548.6 meters), depending on the magnification range. As a rule, these scopes only go up to 10x magnification, but the most common version is a 1-6x scope, with an ideal range of 300-400 yards (274.3-365.8 meters).

What is a 1×6 scope used for?

A 1-6x scope is used for tactical shooting (i.e., home defense) and hunting because of its extended variable range. Experienced shooters can hit targets up to 500 or 600 yards (457.2-548.6 meters) out, making this scope ideal for all but long-range targeting.

How far can you see with a 1 6×24 scope?

Realistically, you can see up to 600 yards (548.6 meters) with a 1-6x24mm scope. However, when it comes to accurate shooting, the exact range would likely be around 300 to 400 yards (274.3 to 365.8 meters), depending on different variables and environmental factors.

Can you hunt with a LPVO?

Yes, LPVO scopes are suitable for most hunting applications, especially if they have a decent magnification range like the 1-6x. Since most hunters don’t engage in long-distance shooting, an LPVO works well for all other situations.


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