Best 1-4x Scope

Best 1-4x Scope – The 1-4x Power Rifle Scopes Review

Designed as a low powered optic in a short tube chopped bell in almost all models, the 1-4x power rifle scope is a glass sight that is best fitted into the smaller weapons platform frames, and that includes both rifles and shotguns. Turkey hunters like low power on shotguns scopes, but once in a while tend to make use of a bit more magnification as well. This scope is a basic setting and for the most part is not as populate as the same housing being used for the 1-6x, or 1-8x power sighting systems currently. 

That said however, be advised that even lacking the high power settings the 1-4x rifle scope can deliver the mail just fine, and there are many of them in use for general shooting needs and basic subsistence hunting. I knew because living here in the Dakota Black Hills I see scopes in use like this all the time. Range is short, the scopes is simple, and for the most part the sight will assist in getting fresh meat to the dinner table. 

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  1   Momstrum 1-4x20

This small tube tactical rifle scope retains a range finding reticle, and allows the shooter to pick up moving or still targets quickly at long ranges for a first shot hit.

The scope make uses of the red and green lighted sub tensions for low or no light shooting, an this is all controled at the turret housing by way of a single adjustment knob.

The scope is built with capped turrets as this is not a long range system by any means. The scope includes a set of one inch mounts, making for a quick install on a Weaver rail, the power settings are operated by a single handle / arm at the rear of the scope housing, and the glass sight also is sold with dust covers ( hinged ) as well. 

The main tube is built of aircraft grade aluminum, and is water and fog proof with sealed internals. This scope is offered in no less than four different models, and for the most part center on the type mount you're looking for, verusus any difference in the scope sight itself. Depending on how you want to mount this scope you have four different options available. 

  2   Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle

Currently I run this scope on a shotgun set up for slug deer and turkeys. This is a work horse scope of the first order believe me. I have some of these scopes that have been in service here at BR&D for over 30 years, and I have never missed a beat.

This scope is a “ meat getting system” of the firsr order. Hunt timber country, or watch deer trails at close range? here is the get it down scope. Call a turkey into gunning range with a load of gobbler taking ammunition, again this is the deal for you if you want to keep the price down, effectiveness up, and work trouble free for almost ever. 

This scope is a 1-5-4X32mm model, and just a bit above the basic 1-4X20 offerings. The scope is well made judging by my observances using the sight, the caps are not open due again to the lack of need here, and even with the smaller objective lens the scope pills light well. I have shot at almost pre dawn turkeys ( right at legal shooting time ) with this scope and was able to clearly see my cross hairs even in the very low light conditions.

The one inch tube is very workable on many different mounts for both shotgun and rifle. Also the scope is a nice balance when set upon a smaller 22 rimfire rifle. The scope has always produced great results when testing the 22 LR downrange for test or hunting situations. 

Dust to Dawn” brightness system by Bushnell, 1/4 MOA turret adjustments, completely water and fog proof, and a fast focus eye piece that is easy to use. 

  3   Athlon Talos BTR 1-4x24

This scope is somewhat advanced in that it has an itched reticle, Illuminated sub tensions, open turrent design for fast elevation and windage adjustments, and makes use of a heat treated 30mm main tube that gives the scope body extra strength. ( Military design)

The scope is started to have good light transmission abilities, and returns a clear sharp image. Light adjustments as in power settings are located and the rear of the scope.  This scope is chopped, lacking the expanded forward objective bell housing.

The click graduations are set up in MIL sratings and the scope will sub click at 0.2 MILS.

The turrent will rotate a full 40 MILS giving way of adaquate advancment for longer range shots. This ia basic tactical scope design best used for war fighting close quarters.

Currently the US Army has gone to this type sight over the ACOG at the squad level combat readiness. The difference in the military type and this scope is the 1-4 has been increased to 1-6x34. This gives the scope a better long range through medium range sniper capability. 

  4   Centerpoint 1-4x20

This lower priced scope makes use of a glass reticle, ( some are plastic ) and also comes with a set of off set mounts. 

The main tube is one inch in size, this scope makes use of as quick aim reticle with a 3 MOA center dot. The scope also prints a 65 MOA ring for added fast entery into the target area if speed is the requirement under consideration.

Remember, some of these scope styles are also designed for three gun competition. In most cases the serious shooter will move to a much better grade glass and general controls, but if starting or even thinking about three gun and using your AR platform, I say go for it without spending the farm in the process. 

This scope has an extra long eye relief and that makes it a good option for the shotgunners here as well. 

  5   Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm

This scope is a core based AR-15 style three gun shooting system. However it is also an outstanding scope for shotgun, rifle, and down to rimfire rifles.

The scope is Leupold built and that means top of the line guts, super controls regarding manufacturing, great glass and light transmission, and also attention to every detail of a good quality glass sighting system.

This scope is a natural fit for that AR-15 with its chopped off bell housing that brings it into a weight class of 9/6 ounces. With an eye relief of 4.17-3,74 it is a fast target centering scope sight.

Using an MOA turret system the scope retains 125 MOA, or 36.4 MILS. Windage adjustment range is 125 MOA – 36.4 MILS. 

Remember, Leupold will custom rework a scope installed custom lens options ( sub tensions ) for the shooter that is shooting competition events, or the hunter that just wants something different. The standard sub tension view in this scope is the use of the “Duplex” crosshair developed by Leupold many moons ago.

  6   Vortex Crossfire 1-4x24

Here we have a scope that is a 30mm objective, named V-Brite, and is built using an illuminated reticle. The scope is set up using the MOA ¼ click graduations, and the sub tensions are set up for some range estimation through the lens.

This scope has a main tube that is a 30mm design and is built to take a pounding. The center sighting dot is illuminated so as to aid the hunter or shooter in picking up vital areas or center mass on targets in very low light. Is it a combat scope? Yes, and it is also a hunters scope as well.

Like all Vortex scopes the tube is sealed against water and fog. O rings are used to seal off the internals from possible exterior damage. Capped turrets on this model are used as it is a general purpose, and less a long range gun sight.

Again like others in this tub design and genera, weight the scope is best setup on AR-15 platforms, but that stated I have run these types of scopes on lever rifles with short actions, and also mini action Mauser’s as well. If the action is smaller than the big guys this is a very good fit if you're searching for a field applied general use sight. 

  7   Vortex Crossfire II Adjustable objective FFP30mm

This scope is not the scope listed above, it is the II series and advanced toward militry application and police use in some ways.

Built in the SFP this is a comon system used by makers of hunting scopes. This scope however still retains features used by police and military operators at times as well. 

The scope makes use of hight quality glass not plastic, the sub tensions are of the Vortex V-Plex design. Makes use of the Illuminated sub tensions that being the red dot center for quick target aqusition, and a main tube that is 30mm in size. 

With turret caps removed the Cross Fire II can be quicky adjusted for elevation or windage when the longer range shot is required. If you think you can’t do much with a four power scope think again my friends. The top snipers in the work record books used a straight 4x all the time during WW II. Unlike the previous model this scope is not offered with the extended mounting sysem ( scope alone being sold )

One piece main tube, chopped bell housing, and long eye relief make for a great AR-15 platform install. 

  8   Monstrum G3 1-4x24 FFP - H series Offset, Dark Earth Bundle

This scope is a military take off in that it is desert camo, and set up for the AR-15 and other short action systems. Illuminated reticle, open turret adjustments for windage make this again a combat operators tool.

The scope has a BDC ranging reticle, ranging information that stays consistent in the FFP design, and duel controled illumination correcting with multiple intensities. 

This is a good no light or low light scope, and best fit to the AR platform.

  9   Hi-Lux CMR 1-4x24mm

Hi-Luk optics and I go back a long way.  In fact the first actual sniper scope I owned was built by these folks. In this case we are looking at a tactical combat / hunting optic that carries a green lighter reticle, open turrent elevation and windage controls, flip caps over the lens housings, and in this case a special “ranging” sub-tension system designed for use on the AK-47 by way of that Russian 7.62x39 cartridge. That is not to say you can’t run the scope with other cartridges, but the setup is basically designed for the Russian round in this case. 

Turret graduations are all in MOA configurations, and the turrets return to a zero lock so the shooter won’t go past that defined impact setting. 

Built of a one piece aluminum tube, coated lens surfaces and water proof. This scope is offered with a full life time warranty. 

I would consider this scope at the upper end of the selections in this area of glass sights. Keep in mind that you can obtain this scope without the AK-47 reticle. Hi-Lux offeres the CMR series in both configurations. 

  10    Feyachi Tactical Falcon 1-4x24 Rifle Scope

This is a budget scope for the new entry shooter that is not sure if he or she will stay in the gunning game. The scope is also easy to apply to light “ plinking” weapons, as well as AR/AK class rifles for speed target shooting.

This scope is not designed to last forever. At the price point it stands at one would not expect it to match the much higher priced varients in this rifle scope design. 

The scope retains a lighted reticle capped turrets, a larger 30mm main tube that mounts a side control for light adjustment via the reticle, and an eye relief of 3.9 inches. At low open the scope is operational with both eyes open.

This scope carries an unlimited life time warranty by the manufacure. I guess that say a whole lot about the scope sight. If it works out for you it is a deal to be sure. 

  11   HUX TRUGLO Tactical Omnia 1-4x rifle Scope

Currently I have been shooting the latest model of this scope in an AR-15 Rock River platform carbine. This scope retains multi coated lens surfaces, water and fog proof, and also retains the lighted.

The scope reticle is a total advantage under low light shooting comditions, or when your speed shooting and need to pick up that target image quickly.

This scope also comes with its own cantilever ount and even that is an item over $100.00 and change almost anywhere now a days. 

Fast mounting to a Weaver rails the game here, and after that quick zero to 100 yards and you in business. After running tests using scope on the Rock rivler rifle it will be transfurred to a shotgun receiver for the coming turkley season here in South Dakota. The sights are bright, clear, and make use of a red lighted reticle with a center ring and fine point cross hair display.

The scope retains a 30 mm tube which allows for heavy leaf spring designed turret internals, and it is also set up in 1/2 MOA settings for a fast zero or elevation switch. The scope turrets are open and quick adjustable as is the rheostat controlled lighting system.

  12   Steiner OPMOD T5Xi 1-5x24mm

This is the third sight we have in service here at Ballistics Research & Development.

This is a very high grade military level rifle scope in the chopped bell version. This scope is built with super grade German glass and desinged as a forever model sight. 

Steiner is among some of the best glass used here at Ballistics Research & Development. As such I will back these produce to the core in terms of doing what the company says it will do down range. The model here goes to 5 power, but there is a litle brother the scope that is a 1-4 power as well. In this case we are talking about the same scope in to different presentations. 

The scope retains a one pice 34mm tube that carries heavy duty internals for many years of flexible service. This glass is professional precision competition shooters sight, or a three gun master piece unit as well. 

The illuminted reticle clearly illustrates the very fine site adjustment hash marks in MILS, and the scope also retains a second rotation turret indicator when the shooter is cranking up the elevation for the longer shot down range.

While I can't say this for a fact, but it would appear that some shooters want just a bit more power than the 1-4, and moving up a notch to the 5x setting meets certain competitive shooting needs. 

This is a professional model scope, and as such not suggested for the novices or general plinking Sunday afternoon shooters needs. This scope retains a total life time warranty in terms of repair or replace. No questions asked. 

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