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In general I like to think of the power settings on a rifle scope in 100 yard increments.  With close range shooting the 1x through about 3X do the job just fine and offer a wider field of view on incoming running shorts, or in the event of military police operations sweeping an alley, or even large room.

My picks for 1-8x Scope

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Best 1-8x Scope
Original Photo – Omnia 8

When moving to the high power settings and giving some discussion to the 1-8x power scope my general thought is again that the performance level of that glass sights ends at about 800 yards. Without question there are variances in all this information, but keeping the formula close at hand everything seems fit a workable pattern here in terms of range and performance based theory.

Secondly, and still very important is that the basic AR platform is a good fit with 1-8x chopped bell housing glass. The shorter scopes are very popular in the middle eastern combat theater of operations, and also three gun, and general field use among AR-15 / 10 enthusiasts.
Shooting cartridges like the .224 Valkyrie that is a hot rod as applied to the AR-15 platform the 1-8x is welcomed due to the increased level of extended range the whole unit jumps right into.

The following are some possible solutions when considering the 1-8x rifle scope as a possible option covering your shooting needs.

Original Photo – Author with Monia 8

Best 1-8x Riflescope Reviews – New Products Updated

1. Shepherd OP Exclusive 1-8X24

This scope is close to if not right on, military based design elements. The scope makes use of a full 30mm main tube that is a one piece housing, chopped bell forward to decrease bulk and weight, retains open windage and elevation adjustable turrets in MIL’s, ( military), and also is illuminated by restate controls on the venture for fast activation in low light shooting situations.

The scope retains a rear power lever for again fast changes in magnification levels, and the brands is a solid product in terms of glass quality, light gathering ability, and a strong shelf life in the field.

There was a time when this brand of glass was paired with sniper optics and that was before many of the current brands ever existed.

American made, and it is about the best system the money. In effect, you get a whole lot of good glass for your hard earned buck now a days.

2. Leapers Inc, UTG 1-8x28mm.

In the Leapers glass sight we have a full sized double bell scope that is designed around the needs of the general purpose game hunter, or target crew on steel. 

When hunting hogs in heavy cover the ability to crank the scope down to 1X is invaluable on tight shooting dead on close range nasty pigs. When the trail opens up and your hunting a cross track setup for whitetail deer, and your stand is 200 yard  up range of your zero point the scope will allow additional magnification to fit the needs of the day.

This scope uses sub tensions that fit the .223/5.56 NATO round, and is also setup in size and weight to fit the AR-15 rifle. Photo reviews show several different main tube housing styles, but I would tend to believe that the sub chopped double bell is among the most produced models of this glass sight.

Fully adjustable turret settings, zero stop and tinted glass for better light transmission, this is a reasonable scope for the money.

3. Wearablwe Anthion Optics BTRGEN 1-8×24.

Here we have a full 30mm tube housing that is designed for the AR-15/10 platform. Shooting the 308 as applied to the AR-10 this scope can fill in the details nicely.

Shooting the full 8x power can drop bullets into steel or three gun games at additionally long distances if required.

Hunters that like the AR class rifles have a friend in this scope as it is flexible.

If you’re shooting something other than the .223 this glass sight can handle additional range and power.  

The scope is illuminated by rheostat control, retains twist off capped turrets for zeroing MOA adjustments when wind or range extension is critical to success, and the reticle on the scopes is fully etched meaning never to shift or drop away due to field conditions or recoil.

This scope is set up in the second focal plain making it hunter friendly versus all sniper grade controls and optics.

4. Nightforce NX8 1-8×24 F1

This is upper limit in pricing and sold by a company that is known for quality, bot at a major cost.

This is a 24mm objecive lens setup with a 30 mm tube housing, and it carries an illuminated reticle.

This scope is a compact desinged for the AR platform or related platforms in military basd weapons systems.

The scope retains open fully adjustable turret settings in .5 MOA graduations. 

This scope is a three gun competition scope and not a massive “ Beast” that most Nightforce glass sights are known to be.

Using the rear lever for fast magnification control, or the zero stop system when clicking off numbers for fast elevation changes, the etched reticle will handle the rest of the deal.

Deigned with fast target acquisition sub tensions set up in MOA graduations for in the scope elevation or windage changes the scope is a gun fighters system more than a hunters selected choice. (my opinion)

Glass quality is a solid product with great light transmission abilities, and shooters that know how to shoot can make this glass sight stand up and talk down range.

5. Atibal XP8

This 1-8x24mm is a three part deal in that the company offers the scope in three different reticle configurations.

This scope is offered without the forward bell as a chopped off compact sight. The scope retains the magnification quick change handle, capped turrents for rugged use afield,  and your choice of FFP, or SFP setups.

The BDC option is set up for 556 NATO in the 62 grain variant,  and the scope retains MOA turret graduations that are adjustable 1/2 inch.

The lighter eticle retains 11 totl brightness settings and the package has a warranty for life of the owner.

The tube size on this scope is 30mm and built as a single piece construction from 6061-T aluminum. The turret elevation is 120 MOA Maximum, and the windage is also 120 full clicks. Total scope weight 17.4 ounces.

Again be advised there are three scopes in the brand and exact type. Your choice regarding sub tension is the primary differences with some slight differences in exact pricing as well.

6. Bushnell 1-8X24 AR Optic.

This Bushnell is offered in the BDC reticle, uses multi coated lens surfaces, has a capped turret, and left side controlled illumination on the bright large sub tension display.

Bushnell is a sold product at a fair price. The systems used by me here at Ballistics research & Development have held up very well and that ranges from this basic style scope out to the one mile super long range systems

This is an AR setup in that it has calibrated sub tension for the. .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO round.  Three gun, general shooting, and hunting are very possible adaptations when taking up this scope sighting system.

7. TRUGLO Monia 8

This scope as offered in the OMNIA 8 is a dandy, and timing is good here as I have been field testing the scope during the past several weeks here at BR&D regarding writing reviews.

The scope is obviously lighted and retains an interesting reticle that allows the shooter to use a small-inner ring that retains a very fine cross hair in black. This give the shooter the option of shooting the lighted circle of about 2 or 3 MOA, or moving to the inner cross hair for fine sight adjustments to longer range targets.

The scope has full adjustable turrets in MOA ½ MOA clicks, a one piece cantilever mount that is a class act and allows for a fast fit and saves the owner about $100.00 and change when reacquiring the purchase of addition hardware to mount the sight.

Currently the sight is being tested on a Rock River AR carbine with very positive results. The scope will be switched out to the 870 turkey gun later in the spring and used on warm targets during that two full month event in South Dakota. Hunters looking for a lighted reticle system on a good scope for the job should check out this TRUBLO product out further.

Glass quality is great, rheostat controls are positive when using the end light in low light shooting conditions. (Black sub tensions during bright day light hours.

Be advised that TRUGLO offers two additional scopes in this design set up with lower power settings for general shooting needs. This give this line a full three scope option in terms of design level and possible use areas as well.

8. Trijicon VCOG 1-8×28

Here we are moving into the military police and a high grade needs of operators as professional shooters.

I know everyone out there is a class act gunner. But when you’re moving into this level of a rifle scope even in the cut off AR platform style sights you had better have a real need or just a whole lot of loose change. This scope is over built, and I can attest to that as I shoot Their ACOG combat scope and also their long range big rifle scope designs.

Trijicon offers this glass sight in a open turret fast elevation and windage adjustment design. The turret settings are set up in 0.1 MRAD ( military ) and as such the scope can pull advancing elevation for long shots very quickly under battle or police operating conditions.

This scope also makes use of its own generated power source and will never require battery’s. Sun power drives this system, and also stores the energy to keep the scope running in low light or no light situations.

The scope is also available in 1/3 MOA sub tensions and turret graduations as well. This move it into more of the hunters line of optic systems and away from the US Marien Corps MRAD standard.

Scope weight is 25.6 ounces. This is not some light weight, but a stout field designed combat, three gun, or hunting optic.

The scope will produce 90 MOA in adjustments for elevation and windage, and 25.2 MRADS if that system is being applied here.

Quick throw magnification lever. Very good glass with light pulling abilities, and built like a Russian tank hull, this is a class act in specialized rifle scope development.

9. Barska AC1

This is my final scope being cover in this review. This Barska model is again the 1-8X24 model glass sight and like the others designed for use on short receiver assault style rifles, AR, Ak and other variants apply in this case.

Like all the others the tube length is chopped off, the controls are a tight package and in this case capped off and low profile in design.

This scope uses ½ MOA adjustment chicks for windage and elevation. This is close to a standard regarding these assault rifle scopes. The scope is multi coated in terms of lens glass for protection and light control, Illuminated for day night or late day use.

Clicks in terms of sight adjustment are large and allow 120MOA elevation  against its big 30mm main tube housing. The BDC sub tensions are set up for the .223 Rem, 556 NATO cartridge, but will adapt to what ever your shooting by running a self generated DOPE card regarding your selected round on an AR platform.

This sight comes with it’s own cantilever mount, making that element of scope mounting a snap. This element as indicated on other glass posted here can be a major investment if your having to go out and buy a set of bases, rings, or in this case a full over set and once piece cantilever system.


All of the scope listed here are close to alike in the area of basic use. These are AR scopes for the most part and can also be fitted to small receiver lever rifles, and even sub sized single shots as in the Contender series, or H&R single barrel one shot rifles and shotgun.

Keeping weight down and staying with a balanced scope size can make for much faster mounting speeds, better time from spotting to sighting on all manor of targets, and also ease of keeping the glass sight out of harms way.        

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