Best 1911 Holster – Reviews and Complete Guide

I can be stated that among handguns of the world the Browning Model 1911 Government 45 Auto is one of the most prolific weapons of the 20 century and right up to the current time.

The 45 Auto is a big gun military in origin, and as such can be a hand full in terms of roper carry in the field. Police and military that carry the weapon often result to heavy leg and belt systems save for the single military-style in the cross over should holster system.

This is without question the most rugged holster to carry the 1911 in as it can be worn under clothing or over the top. This style holster and some like it are all I use for heavy handguns, and this includes the 1911 Government. 

Photo Authors style military rig. S-i116. Outside or inside carry chest rig shoulder holster. Modified military issue. 

Best 1911 Holsters

XAegis Shoulder Holster

Budget holster rig in fabric composition. Xaegis Shoulder Holster adjustable for most handguns. This ballistic nylon rig retains ample room for the 5” barrel auto which includes the 45 Government 1911. The rig carries the weapon in the vertical position which is the safest carry under clothing with muzzle pointed down and gravity using energy to keep the weapon in place alone with strap

This rig snaps as well. The holster retains a weak side magazine pouch, making it useable for professionals wanting a part-time rig as well as sporting types of shooters. 

Padded shoulder contact points make this comfortable and also light in weight.

I used this with the Browning Hi-Power 9mm by example and it is a pleasure to carry when needed.

The thumb break is adjustable for individual weapons, and the lower end of the holster has an anchor loop for the belt. The rig can be switched over as an ambidextrous rig if desired by the shooter. 

For a very modest price, the hand gunner is quickly in business regarding is lower end budget and yet nicely designed system.

Cardini Leather Shoulder Holster Large Auto

This holster is both right or left hand when ordered. The holster is professional-grade full leather construction.

Holster is vertical hanging known as a safe system for concealed carry but can be switched to a horizontal system if desired as well. 

The holster strap weak side carries a double mag pouch with snaps, and belt loop of a solid anchor point, and metal buckles for a solid and controlled fit during use. 

This holster will fit a wide range of individual sized buyers, retains a crossed strap back design for comfort even with heavy weapons like the full size 1911, and meets the standards required of an in service weapons carry system.  This holster is made in Colombia.

Aker Leather 101 Comfort Horizontal Shoulder Holster

This holster is based on the horizontal carry and to be sure very popular as a design but retention is slays a question in this case.

Thumb break snap retains the weapon and the muzzle is an open ended design using a strong double stitched main frame holster. All leather and metal clipped the holster is a solid professional design. 

Weakside double mag pouches that are using the underside mag drop style, and crossed back straps for strength and comfort as well.

This is a high-grade product and the basic carry system for law enforcement and military alike around the world.

Galco Miami Classic Shoulder System

Here is the short barrel holster for the 1911, as I shoot and carry the S&W Pro Series in a 3” 1911 full sizes grips and controls all the time, I know the setup well.

Galco is a brand name that is all American built, and as I have been through the factory several times over the years I can attest to the fact that this is a totally class act outfit that is only in the gun leather business.

These hostlers are hand-made by one individual, are molded to the correct class of weapon, and are just total quality from the start of the manufactured process through the finished product.

Premium Leather Vertical Shoulder Holster System by Masc Holsters

This rig in my opinion, I have carried a weapon every day for over 60 years to date is this very product illustrated right here.

The vertical holster is safe secure and very protective from falls, fighting situations, bending over facing the ground or running.

The holster is completely encased at the muzzle for sight and weapons protection. The holster design Uses an over-the-grip retention strap that is metal clipped, and extra-wide for security. The unit also retains the drop mag style double pouch attachments on the weak side of the unit.

This holster makes use of the rivet screw system for adjustment and the buyer will need to adjust the whole system to fit his or her body size. The holster will fit up to a 48-inch size chest size.

The holster is weapons-specific molded and this includes the Model 1911 45 Automatic.

This system retains the almost standard drop mag system weak side, and belt loop for control on the weak side as well.

Being I had a situation when I lost my weapon being bent over as a retention snap failed on the horizontal system rig I favor this system very much. Safe and still fast enough to save my life if ever required. All of my five current rigs are vertical style or chest facing flat systems. Safety first speed secondary as I see it.

Elite Survival Systems Military Shoulder Holster

Advancing back to the style of military holster I carry in the field for my 1911 this is a similar system but in a fabric material versus leather. The holster is field dirt simple and made of ballistic nylon. The holster is worn as a bandoleer-style rig across the shoulder and requires no fitting, extra straps, and also positions the weapon to the side of the chest in a ready position. 

Padded fabric makes it comfortable even when used with light warm weather uniform tops and very adjustable with the use of the single strap for any body size.

Very low price being built is simple as possible, and cloth versus leather it is a great secondary system for the part-time carry or hunter wishing to take that big 45 ACP into the field as a backup weapon.

Covering several models here it is obvious that there is not much difference in them save for materials and pricing because of leather types and designing of the systems.

In most cases, the user of the shoulder holster is searching for concealment and comfort when the gun is carried day in and day out. Outside dressed holsters like the military or chest types are a bit more forgiving in that they used the natural padding of the hunters or combat soldier’s garments.

The sellers of these systems do not indicate special requirements. This past month I acquired a new Smith and Wesson model 629-6 44 Magnum with a full lug design. Still have not found the correct holster even though ads stated theirs to be the right system, but detailed searching as in trying to gain information to buy the holster always turned up less than favorable results. Take care when ordering and be sure the system or setup is exactly what you’re looking for. 

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