Best 9mm Carbine – Top Rifles on the Market (Pistol SBR)

Choosing the right 9mm rifle could mean the difference between spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t fit your needs, or worse, having it fail you when you need it most.

With the explosion of popularity with 9mm carbine stile rifles in the past years, many manufacturers have scrambled to release new products to fit demand, many times, at the expense of quality.

But don’t worry.

Our team has decades of collective firearm experience, so rest assured, everything you’re about to read has been field tested and certified by our industry leading experts.

Keep reading to learn more about the best 9mm rifles and to decide which one fits your needs!

Best 9mm Rifles On The Market

Best At Everything: B&T USA APC9 Pro 9mm Rifle

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity

The APC9 Pro 9mm Rifle from B&T USA might just be one of the coolest looking and most fun to shoot 9mm rifles on the market today.

Without the stock (as pictured), this compact assault rifle measures only 15.15” in total length making it extremely maneuverable and ideal for both sport shooting and home defense. As with most of rifles on this list, there are plenty of stocks you can add on as well to modify to whatever you’re looking for.

The APC9 Pro feeds from a 30 round magazine which provides plenty of ammo for many different applications.

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The tri-lug muzzle device found on the barrel of the APC9 Pro was designed to allow for rapid mounting of suppressors and other muzzle attachments such as muzzle breaks.

With an ambidextrous charging handle, this semi auto carbine is accessible to both left handed and right handed shooters. Flip up front and rear sights and a polymer stock complete this standout 9mm rifle.

And the best part?

Our preferred supplier is currently running a sale on the APC9 Pro which makes it by far the best price online. The sale is ending August 12, 2022, so make sure to use the link below to make sure you get the savings:

Best 9mm PCC Under $500: Ruger PC Carbine 9mm

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity
32.25” – 35.50”16.12”10+1 or 17+1

Carrying the venerable Ruger name, the PC Carbine 9mm Rifle is a versatile and well-built firearm that can be used for home defense, recreational shooting, competition shooting, and can even act as a survival rifle.

It is year after year one of the most popular 9mm carbine rifles that money can buy.

Some of the many selling points of the PC Carbine are:

  • Threaded and fluted barrel sheds unnecessary weight and allows for quick handling
  • An adjustable Magpul shoulder stock for rapid sling attachment and forward mounted accessory rail to allow for a variety of accessories
  • A light and finely tuned trigger pull for perfect operation
  • The PC Carbine features a takedown design that allows it to be quickly broken down for either storage or transportation.
  • The PC Carbine is compatible with interchangeable magazine wells that allow it to accept various magazines including those from Glock.

It also is great for a survival rifle. It will take up a small footprint in your vehicle, boat, or pack and at only 7.3 pounds, it won’t weigh you down substantially.

To summarize, this PC Carbine rifle is built to industry leading standards. To be honest, it gave our top pick a serious run for the money, which is crazy considering it’s a fraction of the price of the APC9 Pro.

At time of writing the Ruger PC was on sale with our certified supplier for under $500. I spoke to the rep who said they’re doing “sliding scale” offer, where the price will be slowly rising until returning to its full price on August 31, 2022, so make sure to snag one now using the link below to make sure you’re getting the sale price.

Best 9mm Hunting Rifle: Foxtrot Mike Products FM-9B 9mm Rifle

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity
32.25” – 35.50”16.00”N/A

Featuring all machined components and a lightweight design, the FM-9B 9mm Rifle from Foxtrot Mike Products is an excellent option for anyone looking to expand their collection or who are looking to enter the world of pistol-caliber carbines (PCC) for the first time.

Weighing in at only 6.4 pounds, the FM-9B is a lot of fun to use for long days at the range or hunting.

Compatible with Glock double stack magazines, this 9mm carbine is also equipped with a California-compliant muzzle break and a M-LOK handguard which allows shooters to attach all of their desired firearm accessories.

The FM-9B 9mm assault rifle features a blow-back action and includes a last round bolt hold open.

Best For Recreational or Completion Shooting: Sig Sauer MPX Noctis Semi-Auto

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity

The MPX Noctis Semi-Auto 9mm Rifle from Sig Sauer is one of the best out of the box 9mm rifles available on the market today.

Shooters who choose this rifle will be on the range having fun or participating in shooting competitions in no time.

The gas-operated, short stroke piston system operates the fully closed rotating bolt for excellent reliability. This rifle can operate with virtually any 9mm round without adjusting the gas valve.

The MPX Noctis comes equipped with a full length Picatinny rail, a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a 3-position telescoping butt stock, fully ambidextrous controls, a 30-round magazine, and a birdcage style flash suppressor.

In other words, it comes with everything you need to perform extremely well on the range.

*Note* As of August 3, 2022, this rifle is sold out. Use the link below for our recommended substitute:

Best Survival Rifle: TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semiautomatic Tactical

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity
29.50” – 33.00”16.00”30+1

You’ll almost want to get lost when you have the TNW Firearms Aero Survival Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle as a piece of your gear.

Well not really, but the Aero rifle is still very cool.

The removable barrel and 6 pound total weight make it ideal to stow with your gear on your next hunt, fishing adventure, or bush flight into base camp.

Truly ambidextrous with right handed or left handed ejection, this survival 9mm rifle also features an AR-15 style grip and a collapsible butt stock. It has been design to be able to fire 9mm, .40 and .45 caliber bullets, talk about versatility!

Versatile and reliable, the TNW Firearms Aero Survival rifle is built from aircraft-grade aluminum, sacrificing weight, but not performance.

Due to the popularity of this gun, it has been on backorder for nearly a year, but as of August 2, 2022, they got in a new shipment and have been selling them like hotcakes. The rep told me he’d only expect them to stay in stock a few weeks, so the time is now to pick one up:

Best 9mm Carbine Under $300: Hi-Point 9TS

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity

For “budget” pick on the list, we have the Hi-Point 9TS.

A perfect mix of dependability and affordability, this “no thrills” rifle still gets the job done.

Made with a rugged, polymer all-weather stock and a 4140 steel barrel, Hi-Point is designed to take a beating and keep on coming.

In addition to the durability, it comes with an adjustable rear peep & post front sights for great accuracy, and an internal spring buffer in the stock to keep the recall low.

And if you’re not sold, this 100% made in America firearm is backed back a lifetime “no questions-asked” warranty, which is just what is sounds like.

The warranty only applies for rifles bought through “approved dealers” so just make sure you’re clicking the link below to ensure you’re getting the lifetime warranty:

The One To Avoid – JP Enterprises GMR-15 9mm Rifle

Overall LengthBarrel LengthCapacity

At first glance, it is easy to mistake the GMR-15 9mm Rifle from JP Enterprises as a standard AR-15 rifle. However, it is indeed a 9mm rifle.

Luckily for shooters, that doesn’t mean that it lacks an array of impressive features. The GMR-15 last round lockback, a flared magazine well for intuitive reloading, and an improved magazine release.

This 9mm rifle is ideal for both home defense and competition shooting.

JP Enterprises designed the GMR-15 to cycle with virtually no felt recoil at all. This allows shooters to get their target back in their sights with as little delay as possible.

That increase in accuracy is one of the main reasons this 9mm rifle makes for an excellent competition weapon.

With a cryogenically treated barrel, a matte black finish, Glock 9mm magazine compatibility, and a Hogue pistol grip, the GMR-15 semi auto carbine has a lot of great features.

The issue is the price, at around $2,000, it just feels overpriced for what you’re getting, especially since there are so many incredible rifles on this list for a fraction of that.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great rifle, but it just can’t justify the price. But if budget’s not an issue for you, it’s a great option:

Recreational Shooting

For recreational shooting, the 9mm rifle is an excellent choice for many reasons. The ammo is cheap, the guns are typically lightweight, and the recoil is negligible. In other words, ripping through rapid fire semi-automatic bursts with a 9mm rifle won’t put a dent in your wallet when compared to shooting rifle caliber rounds. And we all know how much fun it is to empty a full magazine as fast as we can pull the trigger.

Many 9mm rifles also have plenty of rails and attachment points for aftermarket accessories such as laser sights, flashlights, and scopes. Having the ability to customize a gun for recreational shooting is always looked upon favorably by shooters. Searching for, and eventually finding, that ideal mix of weapon attachments to maximize each gun’s potential is one of the most satisfying parts of recreational shooting and gun ownership as a whole.

Another great recreational shooting feature of a 9mm rifle is the fact that they can share magazines with 9mm pistols. That means that if you already own a 9mm pistol and spare magazines for it that you won’t have to spend extra money on them to use with a 9mm rifle. Less money spent on boring accessories like magazines means more money to spend on sights, attachments, and ammo.

Survival Rifle

Nobody ever plans on getting lost in the wilderness or spending an unplanned night in the backcountry. However, injuries, GPS malfunctions, engine trouble, and other unexpected things can always occur and cause a hunter, angler, backpacker, hiker, or other outdoor enthusiast to be stranded.

Having a survival rifle on hand in these types of situations makes all the effort of carrying it around well worth it. Even if you never wind up relying on it for survival, the peace of mind its presence offers is comforting to have.

If you do wind up having to hunt small game for food or fire three shots to signal rescuers, a 9mm survival rifle is the perfect answer. It is much better than trying to hunt small game with a large caliber hunting rifle, a makeshift weapon such as a spear, or attempting to use traps or snares.

Home Defense

Using a 9mm rifle for home defense is one of the most common reasons for owning one. Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of using a 9mm rifle as a home defense weapon.

First, let’s consider some of the pros.

Less Recoil

A 9mm rifle or carbine has significantly less recoil than their shotgun and rifle caliber home defense gun counterparts. They even have less felt recoil than a 9mm pistol thanks to the increased weight and the shoulder stock. Less recoil means less muzzle jump and increased control for multiple shots. If a home defense situation arises that requires you to fire, the last thing you want is the muzzle jumping all over the place. A 9mm rifle helps with that.

Longer Sight Radius

A gun with a longer sight radius is much more forgiving of the sights not being perfectly aligned. Maintaining perfect form and ideal accuracy during a home defense situation isn’t something that is always possible. The shorter sight radius of a 9mm pistol amplifies mistakes and that can be the difference between an accurate and an inaccurate shot when it counts the most.

Compact Size

A 9mm rifle or carbine is typically shorter than a full-sized rifle or shotgun. A shorter barrel length greatly increases the maneuverability of the weapon. This is especially true in the close confines of a house, hallway, or building. While a 9mm is obviously even more maneuverable than a 9mm rifle would be, the 9mm finds a good balance in between pistols and larger weapons like AR-15 rifles or shotguns.

More Room For Attachments

Depending on the make and model, pistols usually only have room for one or two smaller accessories such as a flashlight and maybe a reflex sight. Thanks to the larger overall size of a 9mm rifle compared to a pistol and to the typical inclusion of rails and other attachment points, there is a lot more room for a wider range of accessories on a 9mm rifle. If you have specific attachments that you don’t want to sacrifice, but the other benefits of a 9mm rifle as a home defense weapon sound desirable, then a 9mm might be a great choice for you.

It is also important to take a brief look at some of the cons of using a 9mm rifle for a home defense gun.

Bullet Penetration

Although a lot of people think that a pistol round is safer for home defense use because it won’t penetrate walls and other objects as much as a rifle round, the opposite is true. Let’s take another common home defense load, the .223 Remington, as an example. The .223 Remington uses a high velocity and lightweight bullet. That combination of characteristics causes it to quickly begin to tumble and fragment when they collide with things such as drywall.

That isn’t to say that both 9mm pistol rounds and .223 rifle rounds won’t go through walls. They will. They are both pieces of metal traveling at high velocities and are both designed to damage targets. Proper safety precautions are always important. There might not be a huge difference in the bullet penetration potential of these two rounds, but it is worth considering.

Stopping Power

Put simply, a shotgun loaded with defense rounds or an AR-15 chambered in a rifle caliber both have much more stopping power than any weapon that fires 9mm rounds. If you prefer the peace of mind of a high amount of stopping power, then a 9mm rifle probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Now that you are more knowledgeable about the uses of 9mm rifles, let’s dive into the list and find out what the best 9mm rifle for your specific needs might be.

A Few Last Words

Of the many different rifle types, pistol-caliber carbines are growing in popularity and for good reason. They are versatile, fun to shoot, and can perform in a variety of roles including home defense, competition, recreation, and survival. The 9mm rifles on the list above boast minimal recoil and increased maneuverability over their full-sized AR-15 cousins. Use the list above to help you decide on the best 9mm rifle for your specific requirements (1),(2),(3).

Our Top Pick: B&T USA APC9 Pro 9mm Rifle


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