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Hello and thanks for visiting our site. We are your home for everything optical devices for hunting, bid watching, tactical shooting and much more. We deal with rangefinders, scopes, binoculars, etc.

We are your optical home for everything ranging from scopes to rangefinders. In a world where having a gun alone is not enough; people are spending more on optical devices. If you’re always looking and learning about the next new optical device, then you’re at the right place.

We want to help fellow enthusiasts learn more about optical devices. Whether you’re looking for the best riflescope or the latest binocular for bird watching, then we are here to help!

Think of us as experts in the optical industry. We are pretty good at what we do and know how to explain stuff. You can be sure of getting informed of the latest news and development in the optical industry.


  • A comprehensive resource on the best optical devices in the industry explained in a simple and clear manner. There is a lot that goes on in selecting the best optical device to match the user needs. Newbies usually find it difficult selecting the best optical device. We explain the use of each device and how it works. This makes it easier for you to choose one.
  • We vet and recommend products that we think are the best from hundreds of choices in the industry. This helps our readers save time and energy reviewing hundreds of products.  We don’t choose for you but only recommend the best.
  • Detailed ‘how-to-articles that help our readers and followers learn useful tips in the optical industry. Our articles are pretty simple and straight to the point saving you time learning on a new tip and tricks.
  • Some amazing references to further your knowledge of optics.
  • We also share amazing videos in the optics world. Some of these videos explain and show how to use your scope, rangefinder, binoculars and much more.


  • Biased reviews that go towards promoting specific products. We don’t work with any manufacturer and only review products that we believe are worthy of your money.
  • Spam you with unnecessary emails once you subscribe to our email list. We will only send you emails with good stuff that are worth reading.
  • Political issues… we try as much as possible to stick to optics and leave politics to politicians


Before recommending any products, we buy them with our funds and test them. After careful research and testing, we pick top products that we think are the best and offer good excellent value for money.

At no point are we paid to make a review about a certain product. We believe consumers new good values for their money hence recommend products that we believe are worthy of it.


We earn a small commission once you buy a product through our independently chosen links (AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU). This way, we keep bringing you the best stuff in the industry and reviewing more products.

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Meet The Team


I have been writing firearms and outdoor material of over 50 years to date. I have hunted across the world including Russia and a great deal of time professional hunting in Australia. I currently live in the American west and hunt all across the Black Hills of South Dakota, and the Big Horn mountains. I have specialized much of my work as a load developer in shotguns and rifles. I have run a small company that builds suppressor barrels of my design, and load tests for writing purposes and consulting. My commercial names include Ballistics Research & Development / Metro Gun Systems.TM. Web site www.metrogun.com.

Currently I write for several International publishing companies, and write columns for Midwest Outdoors and Outdoorsmen in South Dakota. I write feature material for Shotgun Sports, a leading shotgun magazine here in the USA, and I also write feature material for Gun Digest books, magazine, and the big book Annual each year. As a final note I write field hunting events and weapons reviews for Predator X magazine, and product reviews for Huntingmark.com,

In the 1980’s I work out a system for measuring the exact velocity of shotgun pellets, and after that the industry started listing the muzzle velocity of their loads on the ammunition boxes. I have written four books with three on rifle shooting at long range, and the fourth of Shotgunning. Some are still listed and marketed through Amazon,Com currently.

Also with a degree in commercial and art education Bachelors degree University Of Minnesota, and 26 years as a police officer Minnesota. Firearms instructor in training unit rank of sergeant. IN terms of visuals have always done all my one photo work which has become a trademark regarding my advancements in the field of gun writing.

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Alice Jones Webb is a writer, life-long hunter, experienced shooter, and mother of 4 up-and-coming shooting and outdoor enthusiasts. She grew up flinging arrows and bullets at Virginia whitetails, turkey, and game birds, but her favorite hunting experience is chasing bull elk in the Colorado backcountry. Never one to sit still and look pretty, Alice is also a self-defense instructor and competitive archer. She currently resides in rural North Carolina with her children, non-hunting husband, and a well-stocked chest freezer.

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Brian Belko is a freelance writer and blogger. His primary areas of focus include the outdoors and shooting sports. In addition to his freelance work, Brian also writes for Wide Open Spaces and is on the Pro Staff at Military Hunting and Fishing. When he isn’t busy writing, Brian enjoys fishing farm ponds for bass and hitting the spring woods during turkey season.

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A firearms and ballistics enthusiast, hunter and an outdoorsman, Andrew Maurer is a contributing author to many popular websites dealing with the same preferences. As a military historian by trade, he a researcher and writer that strongly adheres to conservatism—a stalwart of the right to keep and bear arms.

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Jeramy Smith is a writer, avid hunter, outdoor enthusiast, and firearms enthusiast. He grew up in both Virginia Beach, Virginia and rural Michigan. He has soaked up as much information as possible about everything firearms related. He currently builds firearms and spends his days at the range and writing. He currently lives in rural central Michigan, with his wife, 2 daughters, and 2 stepchildren.

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Hi, Welcome to Barrettrifles.com. I’m one of the founders of this site. I first went to school to study gunsmithing because I was fascinated by the intricacy, art, and mechanics of firearms and the design process behind them. I love purposeful and precise design, whether it’s a custom target rifle that shoots dime sized groups or a gloss-blued gun with finely chosen accents and woodworking. I started this site to share my love for these things, and my journeys in continuing to gunsmith and in focusing in the skill of shooting sports.

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I’m Oscar, another one of the founders of this site. I have been an avid outdoorsman all my life. I have hunted and fished most of the Eastern United States for over three decades. During my tenure as a hunter, I have taken most every North American game animal with either a rifle or bow.

Smaller game animals I have taken too many to count. I hunt duck, rabbit, dove, and squirrel every season and take a number of coyote each year which are open season in my area. I greatly miss the quail seasons of my youth but they have all but disappeared across the regions that I commonly hunt.

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