In the world of Airsoft guns there are no limits to design, being the weapons are powered by gas, spring, or electric sources.  These guns are not firearms as a firearm requires a gas powered energy source taken from a propellent based material that build a power source gas behind a real bullet.  For the most part Airsoft guns are gamer tools for various activities in man to man competition hunt and shoot events, but also the systems are used by military and police organizations when training shooters, and staying with a low cost shooting system during basic training.

Airsoft is a good training too for real word combat scenarios as well as basic training, and as such the guns look very real, the control surfaces are exactly like real firearms, and in fact this part of the Airsoft world is so close to the real thing that it can cause real issue when one of them is pulled out of a car on a street, or anyplace for that matter.

In the area of the Sniper rifle, which Airsoft makes use of in the establish hunt and shoot game players take part in. the rifles are full size, often made of metal, and shoot to some extended ranges when compared to some of the smaller Airsoft weapons systems. 

Examples of these rifles are as follows

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

1.  CYMA AK SVD Sniper Rifle.

In the real looking gun department the over build of the Russian Dragunov sniper rifle stands out large. This is a metal rifle with real wood stocks and it is set up with a long barrel to send 0.29g BBs at 450 f.p.s. down range. This is fact for an Airsoft rifle and puts the so named CYMA AK SVD in the ball park of a game players sniper rifle as applied to a field event. While some other Airsoft weapons are faster firing and smaller to handle, this rifle is big and will work as a stand off tool when applied in a staged combat event.

2. Russian Sniper rifle

 Author Drag Russian Sniper rifle ( real rifle )

The rifle is an exact replica of the original Russian sniper rifle. I know this well because I own the real deal, in this case the Romanian PSL-54 7.62 X 54R. Noting a $2000.00 and change price difference the CYMA-AK  Airsoft rifle looks to be cool for the events it is designed to be applied against.

This rifle has a heavy duty metal receiver and barrel assembly, a precision CNC machined 7mm bushing metal gear box, a stamped steel cover, real wood stocks, and fully adjustable sights.

The rifles weight is 3500g, and the inner barrel measures 685mm. The magazine capacity on the rifle is 80 rounds, ( Sniper magazine ,) and the rifle fires in semi -auto mode only.

3. Well MB13 Heavy Weight Airsoft Sniper Rifle

In terms of still another two models of Airsoft rfle in the sniper rifle class the MB 13 is an example of a spring powered rifle that ha been indicated by users to make scoring hits to 400 feet or more. This rifle carrys 12 rounds and send its 0.20G BB  at 480 f.p.s. Thisis a bilt action rifle and it is equipped with a scope 4X9 and a  b ipod as well, Classed as a heavyweight this is aful size rifle and carries a fully adjustable pistol grip stock  and AR style three position stock tuber. 

The rifle also makes sue of the Weaver style rail for quick on and off requirements regarding scope sights or open sights if so installed, the rifle carries good reviews regarding buyers.

4. Well MB12 Heavy Weight Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The second rifle the MB 12 is the same basic rife but with a sonewhat different stock configuration. This stock is more sniper/target style with more adjustments, The rifle is also a pistol grip pattern AR style housing, and it is also a spring operated rifle. Velocity ratings and ball size are the same as the MB 13.

This also a bolt action eight shot rifle. Te rifle is full size and a sniper style offering just lke its brother the MB 13.

Price a bit higher due to the stock configuration I would assume. Everything else about the rifle is the same as the previous rifle reviewed.

5. M 24 USR150 by Modify.

Ass a known sniper rifle the M-24 is a classic as applied to the 7.62 NATO round. I have the real rifle in my test group of rifles here a Ballistics Research & Development, and when mounting the Leupold MARK IV optics ( military option only )  it is a deadly tool to 800 yards.

Airsoft folks like the idea of a rifle for their gaming applied needs that is realistic, and as such the M 24 as offered by Midify, fits the bill nicely.

This Airsoft rifle is obvious a bolt action, has a fully adjustable trigger, is offered in three different stock color patterns from green to sand, or black, and mounts a full military style picatinny rail.

The muzzle velocity on this rifle is 480-500 f.p.s. Inner bore measures 6.03mm.  The rifle has a high quality aluminum outer barrel, updated precision hop up system, and a tough steel cylinder and enhanced metal internal parts.

The rifle retains an illuminated magazine for tracer BB’s., enlarged trigger guard, 2 sling swivels and three steel studs. The spring guide on the rifle is 9m stainless steel construction, and the rifle includes Modify Mod24 Aluminum CNC cut Hop Up arm pressure plate. ( This is an optional installation. )

Spring operated, with a 30 round magazine, and known to be accurate for longer range engagements in the field.

6. Model GM1903 A4.

This gas rifle is built like the 1903 Springfield rifle of WWI and WWII. The rifle is a full metal construction, real wood stocked Airsoft weapon, and is manufactured by G&G Airsoft rifles. This rifle is full size, carries a muzzle velocity of 430-450 f,p.s, and function on a, 8 Gram Co2 gas cartridge power source. The bolt action is realistic in function,retains a functinal safety and also has an adjustable hop up.

For carry, or field applications the rifle retains three underside sling mounts.  Be advised that the rifle as shipped will not include co2 cartridges or green gas. The Green gas magazine is not included with this rifle. Magazine capacity is nine rounds, and dealer package includes a scope and tow extra magazines. The bolt is removable for cleaning, and the firing pin is very realistic.

7. Double Bell VSR-10 Airsoft sniper rifle.

This rifle is coming in at a lower price, and is a basic training rifle in some cases prior to moving into the big leagues in Airsoft shooting sports.  The rifle is straight forward as a sport class full size rifle and is offered in both wood stock and composite material as well. The sights will differ between the two rifles just a bit so check with care which type your wanting to get into. Wood stock model makes use of a built in scope mount, while the composite model comes with an optics mount and built in front and rear open sights.

This Airsoft rifle will shoot to an effecive range of 180 feet. The forward sling stud ( mount ) is workable with Harris style bipods.

The stock has a slight butt stock drop to it, and a scope designed comb and cheek piece, Scope mpunts are Weaver style rail in terms of design, An easy install when changing out optical systems on the fly.


When buying the a Airsoft rifle there are several things to consider regarding use. Remember this is not a rapid fire or high mag capacity weapons system. The sniper rifle is designed in even gaming style warfare as a stand off weapon. That means shooting fro a static position or hid and becoming the over watch shooter for your advancing members of the team. Regardless of the gam patter or rules the sniper is king when not obvious to the target subjects.

The rifles like the Russian style Drag are fast multiple target shooters, but the bolt guns are solid systems and get the job done for less money in most cases.

Shoot sniper a rifle is a deliberate task orientated event, and save the rapid fire assault advancing weapons systems to the smaller full auto style Airsoft rifles. M-16 etc

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