Best Ankle Holster – Top 8 Best Ankle Holster Reviews

Designed for the backup gun or at least a gun that the owner can get to if really required the ankle holster is among the most concealable weapons retainment systems of them all.

As a police officer and even though any years I have carried a handgun the idea of the ankle holster has never crossed my mind to any major degree. In the American west if required it is just as easy to jam a small wheel gun into a cowboy boot as to strap it to your leg. However, in eastern urban settings cops working dog watch in the dead of night, and even deputies in areas with backup an hour away may think differently about this subject.  Here are some ideas if you’re looking into the possible use of the basic leg hold ankle holster.

best ankle holster

Best Ankle Holsters

1. ComfortTac Ankle Holster

When reviewing the basic leg carry weapons system it is obvious that a number of new designs have come into the marketplace of late. These include holsters and straps that carry extra magazines, are using the whole lower leg of support of the holster system, and are made of softer less abrasive materials than those of the past.

This holster is a prime example of the new age carry system. This holster retains a full size calf strap and also the spare magazine pouch. The holster is basic and makes use of the one size fits all pattern. Glock 19 through 43’s are candidates in this case, and also the S&W Shield, 380 Bodyguard, Ruger LCP, and LC9’s are examples of a good fit for the holster.

The holster has a black plate foam pad to protect the skin against the leg, and the band material is neoprene so as to eliminate rubbing against the skin when moving.  The weapons retention system is a metal snap style strap, and it is designed as a  fast draw system. This system is both right or left-side adaptable regarding an install.

The manufacture stands behind the holster and offers a full refund or replacement if any issues are encountered with the holster.

2. ComfortTac Ultimate Ankle Holste

A move to the more compact ankle rig is the ComfortTac Ultimate. This holster cuts to the core of the deal and offers a single-band style light gun holster that will not be overly aggressive in terms of pressure or weight against the leg.

Compatible with Glock 42 through 26, and Smith Bodyguard.380,38, or Ruger LCP, and LC9. Smaller guns in Sig can also be applied in this series of holsters.

The rig is Ambidextrous, uses snaps for containment safety, and is black in color.

Band sizing is in two lengths. The 15” and 17” are offered for standard and large leg sizing. If you carry over a boot order the larger sizing to fit this method of leg/ankle carry.

3. Ghost Concealment Ankle Holster

This is a universal leg carry gun holster that is built to accommodate weapons such as the Sig P226 and others in this frame size. 

The rig is set up for both men and or a woman. The universal fit says the manufacture was building the system around many of the smaller carry weapons and not using any type of controlled gun imprint forming at all.

The double leg band makes for a solid fit with the weapon hanging in an easy draw position. In terms of retention, the snap style is used here, and a trial run needs to be made in terms of seeing how strong the snap is regarding the gun you are trying to holster with it. Not a great deal of information is indicated as to the number or handgun models the system will work with.

Mid-size to small seem to be the case here. Research this problem before buying your weapon.

4. CREATRILL Ankle Holster

This holster is set up for the small to medium frame weapon, After reviewing the holster I would suggest it for a small gun as it is small and a single strap system that is installed low on the leg.

The retention system on the holster is a hook and loop strap t keep the weapon secure. I can not state the element of retention in this case, but for the most part all of these systems are questionable when the individual using the holster may be in a fight for his or her life.

The holster is made from a soft material and elastic and is nontoxic against the skin surface. Fits snub nose revolvers, Glock 42 S&W Shield, and Sig 239. Other weapons in this class are also workable using this system. This is not a form fit holster but as I call them a general bag for a drop in gun.

User friendly makes use of a 5” width and a 16” length for both large and small ankles and legs.

5. Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster

This holster is a right-hand left ankle placement holster. The holster is made from tough Korda Nylon material and is referenced by the manufacture as an on-off duty system.

This system is also workable when ordered as a left-hand unit as well. The holster uses the thumb break retention system and when the snaps are in good condition this is a workable way to secure the weapon in my opinion.

Soft material allows the holster to be carried against the skin directly. The fit retains the hook and loop adjustment system for a correct fit every time.

As a side note, I use this brand of holster in terms of carry for many of the test weapons that come into Ballistics Research and Development. While not fancy rigs the Uncle Mikes’s holsters are functional and have done well in the field being belt shoulder, or leg style rigs.

When selecting a holster for your handgun go to the sizing chart supplied by the manufacture being retail store or on the net.

6. Sticky Holster ( Ankle Biter Wrap System )

This is a different style modular carry system that can be used on the waistband, pocket, or on the ankle.

The outside skin is a super non-slip material that adheres to anything.  The holster is made in three layers using soft material against the skin and non-abrasive material against the gun. Basically, it is a wrap with the gun installed down the inside of the mid wrap bl the photo shows.

The system is best used with small backup style weapons and it seems to be flexible as to how and where the shooters wishes to carry the handgun.

7. Galco Ankle Glover Holster

Galco, the brand I use for most of my serious carry tasking, this holster is # AG608B. The holster is boldly fitting for each individual handgun. That means retention is less of an issue with the system employed by this company. The holster uses a thumb break retention strap across the weapons hammer or grip frame. The holster has a neoprene ankle band and also uses a reinforced hook and loop fastener.

The holster Sig P238 by example, however, check with order instructions regarding the manufacture. This holster is among one of the best offered in this style rig.

Built of real leather, not some substitute material, and to be sure this outfit makes professional quality gear. I use the chest and high ride, as well as universal wheel gun models in the field and when on the street in terms of personal carry requirements. Also, be advised again in my opinion the holsters are right in line with Safari-land in my opinion. These are pro staff designed rigs.

8. Neoprene ankle holster

Creatrill brand Neoprene ankle holster. This padded holster is offered with a spare mag retention pouch ( padded ) and is a simple strap system designed for small to medium frame handguns. The holster system uses a velcro strap to retain the weapon in place, is made from neoprene material, and is workable when strapped directly against the skin.

Sizing on the rig measures 19 inches in length by 5 inches in width. The addition of retention straps aid the install in the event fast movement is encountered. Right and left-hand draw are available in this holster design.

The holster fits Glock 26 through Glock 43m S&W Shield, and Sig P239.  Other weapons of the same size can also be considered.

The holsters I have illustrated here are but a small sample of what is available out in the marketplace. The thing I see in terms of a must have in these systems is comfort on the leg when strapped, and the retention system stays in place and retains the weapon in all types of conditions.

Unlike the upper body movement as applied to the leg holster, it can be fast and violent. A fight, running, or jumping are going to put added strain on the whole system. A loose gun is dangerous, and possibly life threatening as well. Select your holster with care that alone could save your life in a gunfight or altercation going bad. 

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