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9 Best AR-10 Rifles For 2023 (Reviews)

L.p. Brezny | Updated May 28, 2023 | Why You Should Trust Us | How We Earn Money
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Choosing the best AR10 rifle of 2023 could mean the difference between spending a lot of money on a firearm that doesn’t fit your needs, or worse, buying an inferior product that fails when you need it most.

Combine this with the massive disruptions in supply chains and the explosion in “American Made” Chinese ripoff products you got yourself set up for disaster.

But don’t worry…

We have the top AR10 rifles that money can buy on this list and we have provided links to our certified in stock suppliers to ensure you’re getting the right gun for your needs today.

#1. Sig Sauer 716i Tread 7.62mm NATO – Best at Everything

man shooting Sig Sauer 716i with green grass background

Comming in at number one we have the Sig Sauer 716i.

Sig has been building high-end AR rifles for some time, and the AR-10 variant is a part of the program. Currently, I have found a few of these being stacked on gun racks and I would assume due to the higher end pricing, and this is why some are still available at a time when darn few weapons are on store shelves.

This rifle is chambered in the almost gold standard 308 Winchester with it being the first used by the military, and the major chamber size in production today which means you’re getting the highest level of accuracy available.

Barrel length is 16 inches, and the overall length is 37” muzzle to buttstock. The stock style is the AR standard telescopic, and the barrel retains a twist rate of 1:10”. With a single-stage trigger that is polished and hard coated for weather resistance.

This gun is not only accurate, it’s fun to shoot.

Material on the end is alloy aluminum, and the stock is polymer. The accessory rail is the newer M-LOK design, and with a 20 round mag empty the weapon comes in at 8.5 pounds.

The direct impingement on this AR is so dialed in you’re literally going to be dropping cartridges on top of each other. The functionality of this rifle is off the chart, so no need to worry about it jamming when you need it.

Sig also Offered the AR-10 package as the SIG 16 PATROL 7.62X51MM

At a higher price point than the previous offering, this is a police style weapon that is using a more military based approach to styling and sight install. 

This rifle uses the 1917 rail running the full length of the receiver and for-end for tan easy install of glass sights, lasers, and even ranging systems.

This rifle is again 7.62 NATO, runs out to 37.4 inches in length with a weight of 9.3 lbs. Keep in mind that the AR-10 is not your short cartridge AR 15. Everything thing about the AR 10 is robust making the rifle at least third larger than the 556 variant of an AR class rifle. 

The rifle makes use of a pushrod operating system with four-position gas valve. The rifling in this weapon is 1-10, with and six grooves running track down the bore. Magazine capacity is 20 rounds.

They’re both good rifles, but the clear winner is the 716i Tread, as the SIG 16 Patrol is just overkill for most of our readers.


As of September 22, 2023 our certified supplier has very limited stock of the 716i, the rep told me they expect to sold out in about a week, so make sure to use the link below to check the stock and pick one up:

FB post talking about the Sig Sauer 716i review

#2. Armalite AR 10 – For 3 Gun Competitions

man shooting using Armalite AR 10 with trees background

Armalite AR-10 purpose built competition rifle for 3 gun series shooting. 

Armalite is not just a name it is the AR-15/10 in the cold metal casing that it is housed within. Armalite is the first name of the actual “AR”. Whereas some folks tend to think AR stands for “automatic rifle”, it actually is making reference to this brand name as this is the designer and developer of the first AR’s that went over to Colt manufacturing during the Vietnam war. 

I have a prized Armalite 300 Win Mag in a turn bolt rifle designed as a chassis rifle that is among my best of the best in house for ¾ mile work or longer at high altitude. The product offered by this company is a class act and better sporting outlets will carry them when available.

The Armalite AR-10 makes use of a match grade stainless steel barrel measuring 16 inches with the muzzle break attached. The twist rate is 1:10 RH, and it is housed within a handguard that is of the M-LOK design. This is a competition rifle and the rifle is designed for this level of application. 

The upper receiver is made of 7075-T6 Aluminum, as is the lower as well. The overall finish in the rifle is Anodized Aluminum, and manganese phosphate steel.

The rifle makes use of the fully ambidextrous safety and the charging handle “ Raptor “ left or right-handed is fast against the clock. This rifle is considered better grade in terms of internal workings and craftsmanship. 

#3. Daniel Defense DD5V4 – Best for 6.5 Creedmoor

man shooting a Daniel Defense DD5V4 in the field

Here is another option in AR-10 configurations but this time chambered in the new and very hot 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, the Daniel Defense DD5V4.

Why consider this a separate gun unto itself versus using the 308 once again? Because being the AR-10 class rifle and platform can chamber many larger cartridges due to the long receiver, bolt, and magazine system employed on the rifle it is wide open for different cartridge types.

In this, the 6.5 Creedmoor comes to the surface. I know of several shooters currently that are searching for replacement receivers for their 308 chambered AR and yes the new upper will be chambered in the 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridge.

This rifle retains the M-Lot for-end which is now almost a standard among newer rifles, a barrel length of 18 inches, and a total weight empty of 8.6 pounds. 

The gas block on the rifle is adjustable for reliable suppressed shooting, the rifle finish is DLC-coated regarding the bolt carrier group making the rifle easy to clean, and is designed with a 4-Bolt connection system which will produce good accuracy.

The rifle is constructed from 7075-T6 Aluminum, and it is type III hard coated and anodized. 

This is another example of a higher end rifle that is available in almost all big box sporting goods outlets depending on current production limitations due to C-19 shipping and stocking backup conditions in local areas. 

What about the price with that precision?  The good news is that it won’t break your bank, but it is also not necessarily a budget rifle.

Photo Author based field example AR-10 mountain shooting long range 1000 yard targets.

#4. Rock River LAR-8 – Best For Hunting

man holding a Rock River LAR-8 with scope

The Rock River LAR-8 rifles carry smooth crisp two-stage triggers, a low profile gas block system, and a winter trigger guard. This feature is outstanding when shooting with heavy gloves in cold field conditions. I have this on two of my RR rifles currently, and would not be without it on a winter coyote hunt.

Again regarding availability. This is the major question of the day in terms of both weapons systems, ammunition and even basic materials to hand load your own today. We are in a serious pinch and as such the buyer needs to shop hard, search often and be aware that he or she may not get exactly what they are looking for on the market currently. In time things will balance out, but for now, at the time of this review we are in a major pinch across the whole of the USA. 

In the area of the AR-10, some production has decreased because of AR-15 demand. Defense is the big seller today in the American gun market and as such the manufacturers are pressing materials and production time toward what sells fast and hard.

The average shooter is searching for price, standard weapons systems in terms of ammunition used, and the smaller AR-15 fits this class. In general, In terms of brands I have found the sporting goods store that carries one brand of AR-15 will also carry the AR-10 in that brand when available. I found this information to be valid by again crossing track with those previously mentioned stores and products from Minneapolis Minnesota to western South Dakota regarding hands-on real-time searching. Also in the mix are weapons manufactures that have discontinued the production of the larger AR-10 at least for the time being.

Why? Again the marketing of the AR-15 is a much faster moving rifle among general purpose and home defense shooters. You may as is the USA in trouble to the point it demands this kind of protection in the home? The short form is simply that it well could be the case, and time regarding this subject will tell. In my opinion, democracy is on the line in some respects I am sorry to say of late.

#5. Palmetto State Armory AR-10 Gen 3 – The Budget Pick

man shooting a Palmetto State Armory AR-10 rifle with scope

The PSA AR-10 is a very good rifle and at the same time a really good deal.  Everything in this weapon is made by Palmetto State Armory in-house.  This keeps the price down and the quality up in the gen 3 version.  

It does not include an adjustable gas system,  this helps to reduce the felt recoil of the rather strong 308 rounds.  

However, there is one problem with this rifle for its low price of under $1000, it is really hard to find, such a good deal does not wait for a long time to be taken. It comes with a budget price, good quality, once they are in stock it takes a short time and they’re out again.

Alternatively, you can use the modularity of the system and by the upper and lower completely separately,  this allows you to also avoid paying 11 tax on complete rifles. 

Also, you have some more options for the furniture and trigger.  For example, you can go with a stainless barrel to have more accuracy,  you can also have it shorter in 18 inches to make it easier to carry.

#6. Aero Precision M5E1 – The “All-Rounder”

man holding an Aero Precision M5E1 image

Aero Precision is known to be a high quality manufacturer with a good reputation.  They offer ARs as complete rifles, build kits as well as just uppers and lowers.  It is a good choice for everyone who has some budget constraints but is looking for a good rifle with a good precision.  

With factory ammo and without much training you will easily be able to shoot sub-2 moa groups.  This means all your shots at 100 yards will be inside a ring with a diameter of less than 2 inches.  If you use hand loads, might be able to tighten those groups to sub moa accuracy,  meaning that you’ll shoot all rounds in one group into a ring of less than one inch in diameter.  

This is great if you take into account that this is a rifle with a price tag of a little under fifteen hundred dollars.  Besides 7.62×51 millimeter or 308, you can also go for 6.5 Creedmoor.  

You have the option to go with a builder’s kit or with a complete ready rifle. The complete rifle is the easy route, but the kit enables you to do some more customization.  

For example for the Creedmoor, it pays to go with the h-bar 22-inch, 6.5 Creedmoor, AR-10 barrel.

For long-range precision, you will not go around one, further recommend upgrades are a wojak adjustable gas block, radian raptor charging handle and a VG6 muzzle brake.  When it comes to precision you might also want a Bushnell scope and wheeler rings, then you can hit right on the spot and that over long distance.

#7. LWRCI REPR MKII 7.62 Rifle – The “Cadillac”

man holding an LWRCI REPR MKII 7.62 Rifle image

LWRCI REPR MKII 7.62 Rifle alone the name reaper is already cool but that is not enough.

This rifle will lie and shoot well in your hands and that without long training as it has very easy handling characteristics, and very good ergonomics.  

This comes at no surprise,  Lwrci introduced the reaper into the competition for the CSASS (the compact semi-automatic sniper system).  They did not make it as Ak won that one, but now they have a rifle with sniper-like precision that they throw onto the civilian market.  

Actually, the REPR MKII is not the exact same rifle, but it is an update, this means it is an improved version of a sniper rifle that was pitched for the military.  The improvement includes a new gas system that allows you adjust the setting to 20 different positions. That is better than the original version which offered only two: one for suppressed and one for unsuppressed fire.  

Shoot it with some really good ammo like for example the Federal gold medal match 175 grain and you will hit all rounds in one group in a one inch circle at 200 yards, that is not one MOA, that is half a MOA. 

Precision like this has its price,  the LWRCi REPR MKII is yours for $4100.  However for this, you get a battle rifle with the highest standards.  By the way, if you’re looking for a dead on the shot precision AR-15, Lwrci does offer those too.

#8. HK & Koch MR308 A3 – Best Foreign Made

HK & Koch MR308 with bullets in a field product image

Here we have the HK & Koch MR308.

For those of you not familiar, HK & Koch a German a company that builds a complete mil-spec build right down to the last screw and pin in the weapon. This military classed to the last detail and will be found only in better grade sporting goods outlets when available. 

The field retains a slimline handguard with H Key mounting slots, a transparent magazine in 2,5,10 or 20 round capacity, and an ambidextrous bolt catch lever with a protective wall to prevent accidental release of the bolt.

The rifle makes use of a quick change sighting system, retains a hard chrome barrel, and also is designed with a buttstock that retains five different locking positions.

The rifle is chambered in 7.62 NATO. ( 308 Win ) Also available in both 16.5” barrel or the full 20” longer range model. 

#9. Brownells BRN-10 – The One to Avoid

man holding a Brownells BRN-10 rifle image

Next we have the classic Brownells BRN-10. You know that the original Ar-15, the thing that became the colt M16 was a development of the AR-10.  However, after the AR-10 got rejected, the rights to it and tooling were sold.  In order to get the AR-10 of today, they had to be developed from the AR-15 of today.  While sharing the designation AR-10, they do not look the same and have some differences in ergonomics and modularity.  

If it is one of the original AR-10 that you long for you might not get what you want.

However, Brownells offers a version that comes pretty close to it in looks and functionality,  at $1600 you can get a rifle based on the original invention of Eugene stoner from the 1950s and 1960s.  

It has not come with the improvements of more modern AR-10s, but with the coolness of the original rifle, it brings you back to the good old days and manages to shoot very well at the same time.  You can use it for hunting and home defense but not necessarily for competition with the exceptions of those made for some older systems. 

Bottom line, the BRN-10 is a great classic rifle, but it’s a first generation design. If you’re looking for performance, it is better to go with one of the other rifles on the list.

My Personal Thoughts

With the current trend in the lack of on time shipments from just about every place today when we talk about the best AR-10’s, there needs to be some discussion as to what AR’s are in the pipeline line, and are worth buying in the first place.

In getting ready to write this review I first took the time to walk into my local big box Scheels sporting goods store and ask the gun department manager exactly where things stood in terms of weapons availability.

His answer was direct, sell when and what we can get, but he did add that better grade AR-10’s can be found on the market because in general the price tag on them is well above the lower-end products that most shooters will put down their hard earned dollars against. The good news here is that based on current sales yes, we can find top-end rifles at better grade big box and specialized outlets today. 

Because AR-10’s are designed as much larger weapons systems than the AR-15 (reminds be a bit of a Barrett Model 98B), or even the Russian AK 47, the whole balance of design and materials is increased over the smaller assault weapons.

The military has found at least currently that the M-10 is a workable sharp shooting rifle at squad level even though it is not classed as a sniper rifle. I have interviewed real-time snipers that have done several tours in the sandbox that agree that the M-10 or military variant of the AR-10 is workable to 800 yards based on the 7.62 NATO round ( 308 Winchester).

However, the best results were found not to exceed 600 yards for selected precision shooting. Targets of importance in most cases. Currently, with the onslaught of cartridge types being chambered for the AR-10 I am sure this performance standard has moved up substantially.

In terms of the weapons systems I am about to review regarding the best AR-10 packages please keep in mind availability as an obvious element of concern here.

The USA today is a mess regarding off the docks shipping, insane fuel restrictions on the west coast that are holding up truck traffic across the country, and all levels of manufacturing due to the shortage of basic materials, or in some cases waiting on foreign made assemblies to finish off American so called built products. If I sound a big upset it is because I am just that to say the least. 

Any gun store in the USA today is fighting for its life re-product on the wall or shelves, and even the big box stores that have always had it made with massive car load orders of everything in the guns and ammo field have found out that their buying agencies need to learn how to work harder.

Therefore, be advised even after walking my end of South Dakota visiting gun shops and big box stores, along with a special trip to the big cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, my assessment of the situation is to shop hard because it is not a buyers market at all today.



For the most part, the AR-10 is a classic hard nosed combat tool, big game rifle, and a real friend when extra firepower is the rule of the day, being in the field or on the target range. 

I have watched the footage with a very sharp eye as three operators using DPMS AR-10’s and Leupold factory based sporting goods store scopes took on a legion of Taliban in a frontal attack, thereby winning the firefight hands down. 

Also, be advised that based n the AR-10’s I have illustrated here each of these brands offers between two to four different variations of the same rifle. What this says is even covering this small selection of firearms your actually observing the market for over a dozen different AR-10 rifles. 

For more reading see our write up on the best AR10 scope and our guide on the top guns worth owning.

Our Top Pick Sig Sauer 716i Tread 7.62mm NATO

man shooting Sig Sauer 716i with green grass background
FB post talking about the Sig Sauer 716i review


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