Best AR-15 Triggers – The Complete Guide And Top 10 Reviews

Triggers are an important upgrade whenever you care for precision. If you want to place your shot right onto the target, you need to time your breathing and the shot you cannot just pull the trigger straight through with full force because that would pull the gun slightly out of line.

You need to be able to get the perfect shot in the perfect moment with minimum movement, in order to achieve that you need to know when the shot comes.

You cannot use a shoddy trigger that surprises you with the shot or even worse changes the actual point of the shot with every new pull.  You need a clean, crisp feeling, knowing that just a little bit more would bring the bang so that you can get that little bit more right in the exact moment you were on target. 

That is not enough,  in order to get a fast follow-up shot you need a clear trigger reset, you need to know when to travel forward enough, so that a new pole brings you a new shot.  Here again every movement counts and you need to have the right feeling, that means you need a clear crisp trigger with an equally clear reset.  Another thing to consider is the trigger pull, you do not want to have a trigger with a too heavy weight or one with a too easy one.  The too heavy one will make it hard to pull without moving the rifle, the too easy one might break before you are right on target.  Get a feeling for this too before you make your choice let’s take a look at what is out there on offer for you.

Best AR-15 Triggers

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Best AR-15 Triggers

1. Rise Armament Super Sporting Trigger

The first model is the rise Armament Super Sporting Trigger.  It comes with a price tag of around 120 dollars which makes it not that expensive to begin with.

It has the advantage of two receiver set screws, that way you can fit it in really tight which takes away any kind of wiggle room.  However installing both screws is annoying as the springs tend to get in the way. 

The trigger itself has a very clean break that comes right after a very small take-up,  also after the break there is not much travel left.  It has a consistent pole in the area four pounds.  With a very good reset that makes follow-up shots very easy, you can see that too when you look at the split time of only .16 seconds.

  2   ALG Defense ACT

The second one is the ALG Defense ACT.  For 75 dollars, this one comes with a nickel boron coating and is polished that gives it a nice feeling and also some better properties.  It comes in matte gray, the polishing does not influence the angle of the trigger so that you get the best reliability.

This trigger will always get you the bang in the right moment.  You get a pull of 6 pounds and some ounces and very little creep at the beginning.  Very important is that it comes with a very clean break so that you know when it is going to happen.

When it comes to speed you get a split time of 0.20 seconds out of this one, this makes it not so right if you want to go for spray and pray.  However, thanks to the clean break, it does support every accurate shot.

3. CMC Single Stage Drop In Trigger

This is our option number three, it comes in at 167 dollars and in a somewhat unassuming look, it looks like a cheap sheer metal but it has a very clean break and a pull of only two pounds and a little bit more.  You do not feel any creep and any trigger pull feels exactly like the first one, that makes follow-ups really nice and easy.  This can also be seen in the split time of 0.125 seconds.

4. Timney Competition AR-15 Trigge

The number four is taken by the Timney Competition AR-15 Trigge.  With a price tag of 215 dollars you can have it in different versions with different trigger pulls. I recommend something in the area three pounds so that it is light enough, not too light.

The installation is very easy as it comes with tools that allow you to avoid the springs and make the screws very tight.  The trigger breaks almost immediately there is not creep and very little travel before the bang, also after the shot there is almost no post-travel.  However being a competition trigger, it is not made for spray and prey.  It comes with a split time of 0.20 seconds.  

While it is decent there are triggers with better times out there, if you are aiming for the best of the Timney triggers, go for the Timney calvin elite,  it is also one of the pricey models coming in at 269 dollars, its position is fully adjustable in the vertical as well as the horizontal plane, with a pull of only one pound and a few ounces, you have to be careful not to pull too early.  There is absolutely no creep and a very clear and loud reset, the split time is amazing at .09 seconds.  The only downside is that with being adjustable. There are things that might get loose if abused too much.


The Hiperfire Sharp Shooter convinces with its price of only 94 dollars.  It comes with a trigger pull of 5 pounds and 6 ounces which can be adjusted by swapping the spring.  With the other one it comes down to 4 pounds and change the brake is very strong, but there is a little bit of pre-travel before that after the brake, there is rather long travel before the reset. This makes it not easy to do some rapid follow-ups.  The split time stands at 0.23 seconds.


A better model is the Hiperfire Reflex but it comes at a price.  In this case the price stands at a little bit over 210 dollars. It is not a real drop in which makes it a little bit more complicated to install. However, if you follow the instruction, it is relatively easy.  It has a low trigger pull of a little bit more than 3 pounds.  It comes with 3 different springs that you can swap out to change the pull weight.

The strike of the hammer is very strong that makes it quite reliable, it has a little bit of pre-travel, no post travel and a good reset that allows for a split time of only 0.15 seconds. 

7. Adaptable AR Primary

We go on with the Adaptable AR Primary from trigger tech.  There is a two-stage trigger with a first stage without any creep and a consistent pull of 10 ounces.  The second stage has a lighter pull and go to the brake with a pull of 3 pounds and 3 ounces and up to 7 pounds. 

You can adjust the pull to your personal needs, for the adjustment you use the receiver set screws. Also, there are no springs blocking the screws after the break.  There is only a minimal travel, for a two-stage trigger the split time of 0.22 is also very decent.  The advantage of the two stages are more precision at the cost of speed for follow-ups.  With this trigger you’ll get on target out to 1000 yards.

9. Elftmann SE Trigge

The Elftmann single-stage trigger comes with sealed ball bearings for 160 dollars that gives you a very smooth feeling.  However even here you pay for the rather low price.  This time you do not get an adjustable trigger pull, this one is set at 4 pounds and change.  You screw it in with two set screws so that it’s nice and tight,  at the beginning of the pole you will feel a little bit of creep.  However, it has a crisp break so that you know when it’s going to break . After the break, there is very little post travel and you get a clean and strong reset. Thanks to the clean break and little travel you get a split time of 0.135 seconds.

9. Elftmann 3 Gun Trigger

The Elftmann 3 Gun Trigge is Elfmann’s top of the line model for you.  It comes at 270 dollars but it has an adjustable trigger pull and a super crisp break.  With two set screws it is locked tightly into place so that there is no wiggle at all.

Another screw is to be used to adjust the pull weight, every pull is a special experience.  There is no creep at all and the trigger breaks at 2 pounds and change or up to 4 pounds according to your setting.  A strong reset allows you a fast follow-up, the split time confirms it with 0.14 seconds.

10. Palmetto State Armory AR-15/AR-10 2 Stage

The Palmetto State is a very affordable version of the good old SSA series from Grisel.  It comes at 100 compared to the more expensive version that cost you 240 dollars, of course for such a discount, you paid.  In this case you pay for it with a less smooth feeling but if you really concentrate, you can still get the precision you are looking for. 

The first stage comes in at a pull weight of 2 pounds 7 ounces, the second stage comes at 1 pound 16 ounces.  There’s also some creep between the two stages but the brake comes clean and crisp, the reset is a little bit long but we’re not looking for speed in a two-stage trigger.

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