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ATN Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know

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Image of an ATN thermal scope mounted to an AR15 with a truck in the background

If you’ve been looking into thermal scopes for a time, you’ll know that ATN is a go-to in the optics industry, especially for its thermal scopes. 

When hunting for a product with a proven track record of excellence – having been in the market for longer than many optics manufacturers – ATN will provide the quality product you are looking for at an incredibly affordable price.

ATN Company Overview

ATN is a leader in the industry. Made with outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, military, and law enforcement in mind, they have repeatedly proven their product’s viability.

In fact, they are the leaders in manufacturing and developing 4K Resolution Digital Smart Optics and Smart Thermal Imaging, with the aim to give you the perfect tool to accomplish your goals when shooting.

Where Was ATN Started?

American Technologies Network, commonly known as ATN, was founded in Doral, Florida. They have expanded to four storefronts across the southern United States in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Atlanta, where you can buy and test their products before purchasing.

When was ATN Founded?

ATN was founded in 1995 and has become a leading tech optics company, making innovations and changing the optics industry as we know it. They continually strive to innovate and build upon their past successes and are currently in the 4th generation of products. (1)

Here’s a quick clip of the popular thermal scope ThOR line they offer:

Where Does ATN Make Their Products?

ATN proudly makes its products in the USA. In the wake of so many manufacturers taking their business manufacturing overseas to East Asian countries where labor is cheap and plentiful, they’ve stayed true to their roots.

That’s why ATN ensures that your thermal scopes are made in the US, upholding high quality standards, keeping jobs in the USA and money in the economy.

Do ATN Scopes Have A Warranty?

There is a 3-year warranty on all ATN Thermal scopes, and they also offer warranties on the other products that they sell. So, you get a two-year warranty on Digital Night Vision, laser rangefinders, and auxillary ballistic lasers, and a one-year warranty on any accessories you purchase from them. 

To take advantage of the warranty, you should make sure that you visit their website and register your product – this makes the process hassle-free.

Where Can You Buy ATN Scopes?

You can purchase ATN Thermal Scopes by visiting their website where you can buy from the company directly. Or, you can also purchase an ATN Thermal Scope at online retailers like Optics Planet, and there is the option to purchase at selected Walmarts and Walmart Super Centers. Any place you decide to purchase should offer the products at the same price points.

Are ATN Products Worth It?

Depending on exactly what you are searching for, ATN products are very much worth it. They have a considerably affordable price point, with many products starting well under a thousand dollars. 

Evidently, the company’s reputation and commitment to research and developing cutting-edge products and technology will continue to make it a smart buy. On top of this, ATN offers a product upgrade program that allows you to trade in the scope you have for the one you want. While not available on everything, it is a generous program that encourages customer loyalty.

Good Thermal Scope Brands in 2024

Apart from ATN, there are many good thermal scope brands in 2024 that are making thermal scopes. Makes sure to check out our full article on the topic for more info.


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