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Best LPVO Mount: Top One Piece 30mm Cantilevers [2024]

Jeramy Smith | Updated January 5, 2024 | Why You Should Trust Us | How We Earn Money
Cover photo of Best LPVO mount showing an LPVO mount on a wooden platform 

LPVO scopes are great for most shooting situations.

However, before you can start hunting or targeting like a boss, you need the best LPVO mount for your situation.

Picking up a bad mount means having unreliable gear, or worse, equipment that will break after a couple of shots.

To avoid that, take a look at this list of the best LPVO mounts you can get for your optic.

Nightforce UltraLight LPVO Rifle Mount

Best Overall

Nightforce UltraLight LPVO Rifle Mount product image

The Nightforce UltraLight mount is a lightweight mount that is designed to stay with the scope, making it easy to move from one gun to the next.

When you’re looking for the best LPVO scope mount, you have to decide whether you want the mount to stay on your gun or with the scope itself. The “best” option depends on the kind of shooting you do and whether you like to switch from one gun to the next. 

So, if you’re the type to fire AR-15s one day and then bolt-action rifles the next, you should appreciate the Ultralight Unimount.

This product is designed to stay with the scope, and it’s pretty easy to remove and install.


Durable anodized aluminum housing

Stays attached to the scope

Fast and efficient installation and removal

Holds zero better than other scope mounts

Multiple sizes and diameters available


Not a quick-release mount

Front and rear are not marked

Man holding a rifle with a Nightforce mount and scope

That said, you still need a wrench to tighten and loosen the bolts, so it’s not exactly a “quick-release” scope mount. If you’re trying to swap guns in the field, the Unimount won’t be as efficient as other models on this list. 

Another point we like about this particular mount is that it’s made of anodized aluminum. So, it weighs less than half a pound but is still rugged and dependable. No matter what kind of shooting you do, the Unimount should hold up and not lose zero. 

When I’ve swapped it between my AR-15s, it’s been dead accurate.

Scope on a Nightforce mount


Anodized 70-75-T6 Aluminum provides exceptional durability while still being super lightweight and mobile. 

Weight and Ring Size

This scope mount is available in multiple ring heights, including 1.125”, 1.375”, 1.44”, and 1.5”. The diameters of the rings are available in 30mm or 34mm. 

And with an overall weight of about 7.4 ounces, it makes it one of the lightest scope mounts available for LPVOs. 

I hardly even feel it when it’s mounted with my LPVO, which is a huge plus.

Value for Your Money

Nightforce scope on a Nightforce mount

The Unimount is in the middle of the pack as far as affordability, but I like that it stays on the scope, not the gun. This way, you can swap rifles more easily without having to buy multiple scope rings. 

For a long time this was my only LPVO mount, so it has great value for the money.

Also, this scope mount holds zero better than most, so I feel confident saying it’s definitely a great value. 

Is It Worth It?


I’ve been an avid shooter for decades, where I’ve tested many different mounts and scopes in various conditions.

If you want a lightweight scope mount that can move from one gun to the next, with proven reliability and performance, the Unimount is worth it

**February, 2024 Update**

Our certified manufacturer is currently running a sale on the Unimount. Make sure you use the link below to get this all-time low price:

A positive customer review for the Nightforce Unimount

ZRODelta FRZ LPVO Cantilever

Best Valued Mount

ZRODelta FRZ LPVO Cantilever product image

The ZRO Delta FRZ is a high-quality cantilever mount that provides more flexibility for scope positioning.

One way to tell a high-quality mount from a subpar model is how well it holds zero when detached from the rail. ZRODelta is one of the best at this, which is why I’ve ranked it as the best value. 

This model is a cantilever mount design, which gives you more flexibility when positioning the scope on the rail.

Since the rear is set back so far, you don’t need to put the entire mounting interface close to your eye. Instead, you have some wiggle room, allowing you to test different scopes on the same gun. 


Zero MOA point of impact shift when dismounting

Fast removal and installation – only needs 4 pounds of pressure

Proprietary StealthCuts design for better viewing

Cantilever mount design allows for more flexibility when mounting

Available in 30mm and 34mm


Heavier than other mounts

ZRO Delta mount on a AR rifle

Another reason I believe this model is the best value is because of the quick and easy mounting process. You only need to apply a minimal amount of pressure (4 pounds), and the piece comes off. While this isn’t technically a quick-detach mount, it’s almost as convenient. 

Finally, ZRO offers a proprietary StealthCuts design, which gives it a low profile and ensures you have the best visibility both inside and outside the scope. Not only will it probably help with cheek weld, but it’ll also reduce accuracy problems that come up because of canting.

Comfortable shooting at its finest. 

ZRO Delta mount on a rifle


This cantilever mount is made of anodized aluminum and is one of the thicker and heavier mounts I’ve seen, giving it some extra ruggedness and reliability.

Weight and Ring Size

This mount is rock solid, weighing a full kilogram. The ring height is 1.5 inches, and you can choose between 30mm and 34mm mount rings for your convenience. 

ZRODelta with a scope and orange metal background

Value for Your Money

This is one of the most economic LPVO mounts on the list. This is one of those cases were you don’t get what you pay for, the fact that the FRZ holds zero perfectly when swapping it between guns makes it an incredible value

Plus, the durability is excellent, so you can use and abuse this mount (within reason) and it will still keep on working. 

ZRO Delta with a mounted scope

Is It Worth It?

If you like cantilever mounts, you’ll appreciate the rugged reliability of the ZRODelta. It’s built for those who like some extra weight and are willing to invest in high-quality LPVO mounts. 

Aero Precision Ultralight LPVO Mount

Best Budget Mount

Aero Precision Lightweight LPVO Mount product image

The Aero Precision Ultralight mount is an affordable, lightweight, and dependable cantilever option.

As you build your personal arsenal, you’ll quickly realize how expensive it is to buy new accessories, particularly scopes and mounts. Fortunately, Aero Precision has your back with this highly affordable model. 

And just because you’re spending less doesn’t mean you’re not getting a good scope mount.

This is one of the lightest designs, weighing in at just 3 ounces, making it a perfect backup or main mount for a shorter rifle. 


Ultra-lightweight design at just 3 ounces

Cantilever mount design to ensure proper eye relief

Very affordable price point

Fits most LPVO scopes

Uses a cross-slot keyway to protect against recoil damage


Offset design can make the mount feel less stable

In some cases, tightening the mount can get a little tricky

Hand holding an Aero Precision mount and a box in the background

This model comes with a cantilever mounting system. The rear ring extends for about an inch past the base, giving you more flexibility with your eye relief. 

Some shooters prefer a cantilever mount, while others feel it can be less stable. Plus, since this mount is so light, it may feel like it could snap off after each shot (it won’t, though). 


Two hands holding an Aero Precision mount and a box on the background

This rock-solid mount is made from 6061 T6 extruded aluminum. However, despite its ultra-lightweight design, this piece doesn’t use a low-quality aluminum alloy. You shouldn’t have any problems with it in the field.  

Weight and Ring Size

Aero Precision mount on a rifle rail

This scope mount weighs only 3 ounces, which is practically nothing. If you’re carrying one of these as a backup mount, you may forget you’re carrying it (except for the bulge in your pocket). The ring size is 30mm, making it ideal for most LPVO scopes. 

Value for Your Money

As one of the most affordable and lightweight scope mounts, this product would have to be pretty terrible to be a bad value. Fortunately, Aero Precision developed a pretty solid mount that works in most shooting conditions. While it’s not perfect for every situation, it’s a decent option for most rifles. 

Is It Worth It?

Aero Precision Lightweight LPVO Mount on a rifle

From years of testing various mounts over the years, I found that the Aero Precision sets itself apart with its cantilever design. Many professional and amateur shooters swear by this for its great eye relief and quick-fire situations.

Its 6061 T6 extruded aluminum is the industry standard for high-quality mounts, and it’s well-built and holds zero.

So yes, at this price point, the Aero Precision Ultralight mount is worth the money.

Even if you don’t use it as your primary mount, it’s still a good deal. 

Scalarworks LPVO Mount

Best Quick Release

Scalarworks LPVO Mount product image

The Scalarworks LPVO mount is a highly versatile and durable quick-release mount that will retain its zero even if it’s moved around often.

To get your money’s worth, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a high-quality QD (quick detach) mount. The ability to detach the mount quickly offers so much convenience, particularly when you have multiple mounts for various guns. 

The Scalarworks model is ranked as the best QD mount because of its ultra-lightweight status and rugged dependability. At just over 5.5 ounces, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lighter scope mount out there. However, even though it feels like nothing in your hand, it’s built as tough as any heavy-duty model I’ve seen. 


Ultra lightweight LEAP mount is just over 5 ounces

Quick-release design for faster removal and installation

Rugged aluminum/steel frame

Works on all Picatinny rails

Low-profile design doesn’t get in the way


Only one size available

Not suitable for smaller scopes

Scalarworks LPVO Mount held by both hands and a wooden background

But, a lightweight mount isn’t just good by itself. Scalarworks went all out in designing this scope from the ground up.

It has a low-profile design that’s a bit wider on the bottom. This way, the scope rings don’t interfere with your sight when you’re not looking through the glass. 

Scalarworks LPVO Mount held by both hands

The entire product is easier to use than other models I’ve seen. The quick-release mounting system is fast and accurate but holds tight when you’re moving around and bumping into things. 

Plus, the mount holds zero perfectly, so you don’t have to keep re-checking your scope when you get into position. 


Scalarworks LPVO Mount and scope and box in the background

This high-quality LEAP mount is made of 7075-T6 Aluminum / 4140H Steel. However, despite the steel in its frame, this is still one of the lightest scope mounts available. 

Weight and Ring Size

The weight is only 5.54 ounces, and the scope rings are 1.57” tall and 34 mm in diameter. There is just one size for this mount, so it’s not suitable for smaller LPVO scopes.

Value for Your Money

Two hands attaching the mount to a scope

Scalarworks is one of the pricier brands out there, but it also offers some of the best scope mounts. In this case, if you want a super lightweight and quick-release model, this mount is definitely worth the money. 

If you’re looking for more on LPVO brands, see our full article on the topic.

Is It Worth It?

While field testing the Scalarworks mount, I found that it retained its zero impeccably even after I detached and reattached it a few times.

It’s also known across the community as a top-notch scope mount, which you can easily find by taking a look at forums or YouTube reviews.

Yes, this scope mount is worth the investment. Despite its modest size and weight, it holds zero almost perfectly and is highly versatile. You can deploy this mount in the field and use it on different guns without losing zero in between shots. 

Geissele LPVO Mount

Best AR Cantilever Mount

Geissele LPVO Mount product image

The Geissele LPVO mount is built to be tough and provides a variety of length options. It’s the mount to choose if you’re planning to use it often.

For the most part, shooters tend to use LPVO scopes on an AR-15. Because these scopes ensure rifle accuracy for CQB and long-distance shooting, users can get a lot more out of their guns than they would with a standard red dot or iron sight. 

One thing I like about this product is that it comes in a few different lengths. You can choose the standard style, which has two evenly-spaced rings. Or, you can choose the extended or hyper-extended version, turning it into a high-quality cantilever design. 

So, if you prefer using a cantilever mount, you’ll appreciate the flexibility with this model. It also allows you to use multiple optics on the same rifle without needing to swap mounting units every time. 


Designed for an AR-15 scope

Hardcoat anodized aluminum body for extra durability

Excellent clamping force from each bolt and nut

Holds zero perfectly after repeat firings

Available as a standard or cantilever mount


More expensive than most other mounts

Geissele LPVO mount held by both hands

Plus, since it will hold zero perfectly with hundreds of shots, you don’t need to recalibrate your AR-15 when putting a new scope into the mount. (Reference: LPVO Scope)


Geissele mount with a Kahles scope and a red background

Thanks to its hard anodized aluminum structure, this AR-15 scope mount is built about as tough as you can find. Not only that, but it has one of the best nut and bolt systems we’ve seen. 

When getting your rifle setup ready, you’ll find that this model holds better than most one-piece mounts. 

Weight and Ring Size

Product image of Geissele LPVO mount

This mount weighs 7.1 ounces and comes with either 30 or 34mm scope rings. You can also choose between a cantilever mount design or a standard option. 

As I’ve covered, cantilever models allow you to put the scope forward more, giving you better flexibility during the mounting process. 

Value for Your Money

Two hands holding a Geissele mount

Although this is one of the more expensive one-piece mounts on this list, almost everyone who uses it says it’s worth the money. Thanks to the proprietary grip system and durable aircraft-grade aluminum, you can use this mount over and over again without any problems. 

Is It Worth It?

Yes, this AR-15 scope mount is worth the investment, particularly if you plan to use it often. It holds better on Picatinny rings than most other models, ensuring that it stays at zero for as long as possible. 

Unity Fast LPVO Mount

Best With Offset Red Dot

Unity Fast LPVO Mount product image

The Unity Fast LPVO mount is a battlefield-reliable mount that is built out of the toughest materials. An offset base is also offered by Unity for those who often use accessories.

One way to determine the best mount is to see what it’s made of and how much it costs. While the price isn’t the only factor that matters, it can tell you a bit more about the piece’s quality. 

So, in that case, the Unity Mount is on the higher end of the price spectrum, meaning it’s built out of some pretty remarkable materials. 

What sets this mount apart from the pack is that it’s made for combat. So, it’s rugged, holds zero amazingly well, and won’t jiggle or come loose very easily.

If you like the idea of having a mount that you could use in a warzone, you’ll appreciate this product. 


Can mount with an offset base for a red dot sight

Works with clip-on night vision accessories

Designed to work with goggles/headsets/gas masks

Made from rugged hard anodized aluminum material


Most expensive LPVO mount

Unity Fast LPVO mount with a Vortex scope

What also makes this model so great is that you can also get an offset base by Unity so it’s compatible with an offset red dot sight add-on. Plus, you can clip a night-vision accessory to get more out of your scope (and rifle). 

Overall, this mounting system is designed for shooters who often also use other accessories. If that sounds like you, this mount may be the best option. 


Scope mounted on a Unity Fast mount

Since this mount is designed for the battlefield, it’s built tougher than most cheap mounts you could find online. This particular model is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum and comes with a hardcoat anodized protective layer. 

Weight and Ring Size

The weight of this scope mount is 7.4 ounces, and the rings are available in 30mm and 34mm varieties. Since most LPVO scopes fit either of those options, you can use this mounting system for virtually all of them.  (Reference: Rife Rings and Bases)

Value for Your Money

As the most expensive mount on this list, it may seem hard to justify such a purchase. However, as mentioned, this particular product is built for active combat situations. 

Scope mounted on a Unity Fast mount with a black background

While I can’t imagine you’ll need it for the same purpose, it’s nice to have something built so tough. Overall, if you want the strongest and most resilient mount, this is pretty valuable. 

Is It Worth It?

If you want the best mount with the toughest materials and one of the strongest clamping system options, then yes, this product is worth it. Also, if you want to add an offset red dot sight without any hassle, it’s worth buying the Unity Mount.

Best LPVO Mount Comparison Table

Nightforce Ultralight LPVO Mount7.4 ounces1.125”, 1.375”, 1.44”, 1.5” 30 and 34mm available
Scalarworks LPVO LEAP Mount5.54 ounces1.57” and 34mm
Aero Precision Optics Lightweight LPVO Mount3.3 ounces30mm diameter
ZRODelta Cantilever LPVO Mount7.2 ounces1.5”, 30 and 34mm available
Geissele LPVO Mount7.1 ounces30 and 34mm diameters
Unity Fast LPVO Mount7.4 ounces34 mm diameter

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Our site earns what is called an “affiliate” fee if you purchase a product after using one of our links. We did not accept any monetary payment or free products for any item on this list to be included. We only include products that we believe are high quality based on our decades of firearm experience.

For more info on the site, our review process, and how we make money, see the links in the footer.

For more reading see our complete guide on the best LPVO scopes out there and our write up on how to mount a LPVO scope.


How far back should an LPVO be mounted on an AR-15?

An LPVO should be mounted as far back as necessary on an AR-15 to match the eye relief of the scope. This way, you can shoot comfortably without straining your neck. The relief changes a bit depending on whether you’re shooting at 1x or max magnification, so it’s best to test the scope in both settings for the perfect position. 

How much does the Unity LPVO mount weigh?

The Unity FAST LPVO mount weighs 7.4 ounces (209 grams) and is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE.

Do quick-release mounts hold zero?

Yes, high-quality quick-release mounts can hold zero, even when they’re detached and re-attached. This is because the mount doesn’t jiggle or come loose from vibrations or accidental bumps. As a rule, if a scope can hold zero after shooting many times, it can hold zero after being detached. 

Our Top Pick: Nightforce UltraLight

Man holding a rifle with a Nightforce mount and scope


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