Best DMR Scope: Top Rifle Optic for AR 15 (2023 Guide)

In terms of selecting a DMR rifle scope, the primary consideration is to choose a glass sight that is capable of sending the mail long distances and well as covering the shorter range needs of the designated riflemen. Who is this special shooter your asking? He or she is the shooter that is the best at what they do within a military unit, police SWAT squad, operator contractors combat related team, special private security that is armed in a war zone, or other protection services, and yes, the everyday hunter that wants to use this level of a rifle scope in a hunting or target shooting scenario.

Author Photo: FHO series DMR shooters professionals first class

DMR glass in terms of the best choice will be a scope that is well made, carries a high degree of ranging flexibility, uses military style sub tensions as applied to flexible though the lens elevation and windage changes, and is clearly capable of producing good field results when light and weather conditions are not in the shooters favor. In other words, a scope that is almost or at the level of a snipers glass sight.

The following is a long list and basic review of many different scopes that by one form or another tend to meet these kinds of usage requirements.

14 Best DMR Scopes

1. Bushnell Elite Tactical G3 DMR Scope

best DMR scopes on the market

Bushnell offers the rifleman the best DMR scope on the market today. It’s a first focal plane (FFP) optic, carries a strong 3.5-21 X 50 mm objective and power rating, and features a side focus parallax free sight plane.

Bushnell uses the special coatings called Rainguard, which is a system applied by this brand exclusively. Full high open turrets for fast elevation adjustment under stress if necessary, the G2 reticle with 1 click mil values (long range specialized ), and a 34mm tube size for oversized internal parts that will last. 

Be advised I shoot this scope in a Montana 1999 chambered in 338 Lapua and it is my go-to one mile rifle. 19,1 clicks MRADS and she is sending the 250 grain pill with a high BC downrange into an FBI G-100 full size man target. As for this scope, I rest my case as to the ability of the glass sight to get the job done. 

2. Trijicon ACOG 1.5X 16 Designated Marksman Rifle Sight

This is a scope in the ACOG family by Trijicon Optics. This is military first class and a step away from the standard glass sight and into the US Army’s answer to first shot hits by the average ground pounding solder. 

Built to fit the AR-15, AR-10 as a combat filling tool the ACOG is self generating in terms of power source never requires batteries, it is tough as nails regarding its ability to hang together and will range out the 308, 7.62 NATO, or the.223 Rem 556 NATO to 400 through 800 yards depending on the cartridge selected.

Base housing is the short M-16 style Weaver rail, and the optics are outstanding and up to military riflemen’s grade. 

Variations of this style sight include many different models, but all of them serve the very same purpose and that is to get lead on a target with one of the most straight forward systems in use today regarding glass sights on rifles. 

3. Burris Full field E1 4.5-14X32mm DMR

A smaller tube objective scope, but set up for long range shooting with common centerfire rifle calibers and cartridge selections. This is a scope that carries high magnification at a max 14X, uses the Ballistic Plax E1 reticle for long range applications, and makes use of the target compensating dots for elevation and windage adjustments on the fly. 

Side focus control aids in fast target viewing adjustment and parallax control is set up for shooters that want a simple but effective reticle system for both long and shorter range shooting. This scope meets the requirements set down regarding the DMR scope systems. 

4. Leupold VX-Freedom 450 Bushmaster 3-9X40 SFP Optic

In this model scope, we have a standard 3-9X40 which is about the most common power level scope offered to shooters today.

This Leupold is glass I have shot on 7mm Mags in Wyoming while backing up bad shooters that could not bring down an animal cleanly, my 30-06 Model 70 Pre 1964 Winchester that is a classic and has taken more deer than I could ever recall, and currently the new 6.5 Creedmoor in a Winchester sporter bolt gun that is very current, and state of the art regarding engineering.

In effect, this scope is a workhorse among glass sights, with the Duplex crosshairs, ¼ MOA turret adjustments beyond zeroing, and Twilight Management Systems light control package, this is a solid choice among shooters that want a solid hunting scope that is also able to handle long range shots by way of the open turret controls and full size big rifle main tube design. 

5. Leupold VX-5HD 4-20X52mm Side Focus Riflescope

Moving up to more power for longer shooting we have the Leupold VX-5HD. Something like the MARK VII, this is a big rifle DMR level scope that will send the pail to a mile or drop a buck in the deep timber if required.

The major change from the previous scope is that it carries more magnification and a much large objective lens at 52mm. This means a scope that will produce better results late in the day or in the very early morning light. CDS reticle, side focus, as well as designed and machined in the USA.

This scope is an upper end in terms of quality and performance offering. A possible choice for police departments regarding sniper applications, or any professional level shooter needing better grade glass and core guts in a scope sight.

6. Leupold MARK V Designated Marksman Riflescope

Police and sniper grade military the MARK 5 is the only super level Leupold the public can own. This scope is MRAD setup and in 1/10 mils per sub click. Accurate to over a mile and glass that can hold up to that distance. Area weapons use ( military ) is a snap with this glass sight. Hold down the enemy s head at 1760 yards, or pick off a fly on a target at 200 yards this is your baby. 

We shoot this scope at Ballistics Research & Development. The file is the Browning A-Bolt heavy target in 6.5 Creedmoor and it is a nasty rifle to fine yourself on the receiving end of out to the next county line or zip code.

The power on this professional scope is set at 7-35X56 regarding the objective lens size. Massive, but not out of line for a full size sniper rifle. DMR shooters in special units would gravitate to this scope just because the shooter owns the whole valley when he or she commands the high ground. 

Built-in FFP, MRAD setup, and massive objective, this is a super long range sniper scope and again without question the tool of the DMR level shooter. 

7. NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm MOA

In the DMR high end department and again directed toward the professional shooter being in whatever outfit you care to select, the NightForce SHV 5-10X56 is not any small change glass sight gunning tool at all. 

Set up in MOA or MILS, being the snipers friend, the designated marksmen that is shooting this scope is in the right place at the right time for the long range kill shot, or closer range brainpan elimination procedure. ( Hostage shot )

The large 30mm tube as used on most NightForce scopes carries heavy internals that is designed to hold up in a gunfight. Being a full size scope with that large 56mm objective lens the scope is best applied to full size long range rifles. 

8. Night Force 5.5-22×50 NXS DMR

In this case, a second NightForce scope is set up a bit different but is stilt in the program when it comes to a scope with accuracy ability at long range targets.

Designated shooter statue with this scope is a solid bet. The scope will hold solid internals with that Night Force applied 30nn main tube, advanced elevation, and windage with a great deal of range elevation options in terms of downrange ballistics. The scope retains 100 MOA elevation/23.3 MILS, and that puts her in the one mile club at once and further with a 40 MOA rail and using both turret adjustments and sub tension options in tandem. 

The scope retains zero stop (just about required in this case ), and Moar Reticle C433.

This scope is a heart breaker and life taker out to the next zip code when required. 

9. Vortex Optics Crossfire II SFF 30mm Tube LPVO

This scope is cut back for the short receiver rifle and as such fits the AR platforms in both 5.56, and 7.62 NATO. Illuminated with V-Brite systems this is a night fighter as well as a daylight target acquisition system.

Powered at 1-4X24, the scope is designed for about 300-yard work and the objective is very workable in terms of controlling available light.

Capped turrets make for a zero set and leave alone system, MOA clicks can be used with finger turn turrets when caps are removed.

10. Sig Sauer SOS BDX32111 Sierra A3 DMR Scope

This short bell scope is again designed for smaller receive rifles and is powered at 2.5-8×42.

This scope retains power for longer range target applications, brings in a bit more light in terms of the primary objective lens, and makes use of capped turrets. The scope is ultra lightweight and best used with smaller frame rifles. 

11. Sig Sauer SOT41112 – Riflescope Tango4 FFP

This Sig Sauer scope is close to the new optical systems being issued American troops in place of the ACOG designed system.

This is a scope set up for the designated sharpshooter in a unit. In this case, every member of a squad becomes a possible deadly longer range shot. 

The scope in the SOT41112 Tango4 series retains a 1-4x24mm power setting, 30mm objective lens, and like the others makes use of capped turret graduations. 

This scope is illuminated regarding its reticle and will turn on or off with the shooters activated movement. Offered in the FFP, and will recover 100% from immersion to a depth of 1 meter.  This is a tactical military applied glass sight. 


This TRACT 4-2-x50 is a scope that I feature often and is a solid candidate as a DMR style glass sight.

This scope shoots the 100 yard group work just fine and also pushes bullets to 100 yards also with ease. She owns the full range of a bullet ability to hit targets at any range. Glass quality is outstanding. Image fade is very low to none, and color transfer is also very good. I like the glass for long range target identification and there is no fade out even at very high magnification ranges. 

Set up in turrets and sub tensions as an MRAD scope the system will bring up elevation very quickly with a minimum number of clicks. 

Zero stop, open turrets for snipe grade shooting and uses the large 30mm primary tube. 

The illuminated reticle will produce 11 different brightness settings and runs off the CR2032 battery. (360 hours ) 

13. Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR III Sniper Scope

DMR standards and more regarding this scope. The third in a series, this is a sniper scope as in tactical applications. The long range shooter or closer range brain adjustment sniper can get the job done with this choice in glass fighting optics. 

The scope will pull 120 MOA of elevation from the upper open turret knob, and that will carry many long range rounds for 1400 through one mile downrange with accuracy.

The scope is built in the USA as are all the parts involved in the sight. This is a class one shooting system ad is used for PRS and NRL match shooting as well as serious police/ military designated work. 

14. Primary Arms SLX 3-18X50mm FFP 

Here is another example of a DMR labeled scope by the manufacture that makes use of a 30-8 DMR reticle, etched objective lens glass regarding the sub tension display, red illumination for low light shooting with six different brightness settings, and a strong 3-18X50mm objective. The scope carries a lifetime warranty and is waterproof and fog-resistant. It is designed for fast-hitting shots at 600 yards.

The scope makes use of the open high mounted turret knobs for fast range and wind adjustment control. 

What doesn’t do it for me is the price. It is one of the more expensive scopes on the list, and in my opinion, the price isn’t justified for the features you get. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great scope, but your money would be better off with another option from this list.

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