Best Gun Safe Accessories

You’ve checked out our best gun safe article. Picked a safe and now you need to set it up. Best Gun Safe Accessories for you are going to be dependent on your personal setup.

  • Do you have more rifles, shotguns, pistols?
  • Will you remove your optics before you place your firearms in the safe? 
  • Are you going to store documents in your safe? 

The three big accessories you need are a dehumidifier for climate control, a fireproof document holder, and gun organization.

Climate Control

Climate control keeps your guns, documents, and valuables from degrading. Keeping your safe queens healthy and happy might be the best accessory for a gun safe you can buy if you value your investment. A cheap and effective Hygrometer and dehumidifier come in at less than a box of ammunition but will keep your safe from destroying your firearms.

Goabroa Mini Hygrometer

Goabroa Mini is just so cheap and effective it can’t be beat. You buy it for the gun safe and then you start to use it for your garage, refrigerator, and home.  4 Vents allow instant reading, accurate to +/- 1%. Throw it in your Amazon cart, pop it in your gun safe, to check the temperature and humidity, then after you have settled your safe, use it in your basement, fridge, garage or anywhere you need an accurate reading for humidity.

Frankly, this solves so many arguments that it might be my favorite buy under $5 all year.

Eva-Dry E500 Dehumidifier

The Eva-Dry E500 is the best mini dehumidifier, it works by… okay, I’ll be honest I don’t understand how it works, the dam thing is magic. You plug it in for 20 minutes then pop it into the gun safe and it will remove up to 8oz of water vapor, that’s a full dam cup of coffee.  When it is full you plug it in and soon it is good to go for another month.  Everyone needs at least one to climate control their gun safe and this one is that perfect cross between price, ease of use and effectiveness. 

It also fits in all the safes from our gun safe article.


Safes are enclosed, it’s the whole point, interior lighting not only makes your guns, look better but also helps you find what you need faster. While you shouldn’t be rooting around your safe while an intruder is in your home. It will allow you to not bash your guns around trying to collect your gear before a shooting session, especially if you have more than 10 guns.    

Brightview WireLess by Liberty

If you have been following these safe articles you know Liberty Safe is my go to manufacturer for Gun Safes. And it shouldn’t surprise you that their accessories are high quality, even when purchasing over the internet. Liberty has a proven track record for quality products.

Their Brightview Wireless lighting is perfect for gun safes, not only because it will light up your gun storage but the quick detach allows you to grab a gun as well as a light.

Torchstar Led Safe Lighting Kit

The Torchstar is perfect if you have a safe with an A/C plug and don’t want to deal with batteries, adhesive strip or screw mounted. The quick install and motion sensor lighting is a must have for any gun room or safe. The showcase lighting really pops your firearms making your safe easier to use and easier on the eyes.  The lighting kit much like an Aimpoint Pro lasts 30,000 hours and frankly if your gun safe open that much send us a picture so we can all be a bit jealous.

Unfortunately, only usable in safes with an A/C plug, which usually trade fire rating for features.

Fire and water proofing

Fireproofing is complicated, the ratings for most safes are calculated by the time it takes the internal temperature to reach 350 degrees, where paper burns, at an external temperature of 1200-1600 degrees. 

How hot is the fire burning around your safe?

I don’t know the answer but if you rapidly cool it down with water, very few items are recoverable, let alone safe to use, which is why I highly recommend a safe deposit box in a bank for documents and valuables that are vital to your life. Keep copies, receipts, and a documented list in your safe.  Keep them organized with a Fireproof Document Bag from the Good Stuff Store.

There is no way to be 100% against fire and waterproofing, but the guys at the Good Stuff Store made a great effort. If you have a safe you should be keeping the majority of your needed documents in it, and a Fireproof Document Bag is literally the only folder you should be buying to keep documents in your safe.

Guns Storage

You have your climate control, and your document bag, now we need to figure out just how many guns we can stuff into the safe before we just say screw it and make one room a gun safe Gun Vault Door.

Gun Socks

First thing is first count how many guns you are putting into the safe and grab some gun socks. If you need to know why we are going with the Allen Company Gun Sock for storage, other than their great quality, silicone treated fabric that prevents rust and Made in the USA. It is because they come with labels at a low price and you can get them anywhere.

Gun rods

Dropping a $4000 gun with a perfectly zeroed scope is a nightmare, especially when it is a cherished collectable or a competition gun, and let’s face it not all gun safes are custom made to keep your highly configured stock secure. Gun rods are perfect, attach the liner to the underside of your shelf and slide the rod in the barrel of your gun and ta da, perfectly upright storage

Handgun hanger

Hornady Handgun Hangers are the best I’ve found, PVC coated steel, which will even hold my .357. After 3 years no damage to the rifling, it is so simple everyone should grab a pack. If you need a hanger Hornady is the brand to buy.

Pocket door organizer

Always buy a door organizer for your model safe.

Since Liberty is the most common safe model for most gun owners, I recommend the Liberty Door Organizer, be sure to buy for your safe. If you don’t you run the risk of the door not sealing properly or in the case of one unlucky gun owner crushing your new scope with a 1911 after slamming the door shut.

You should have a door organizer, it frees up a massive amount of room in your safe, gives you space for several handguns, see through pockets for items like passports or cash, and a cool pocket document protector that makes the fireproof document folder work even better.

Buy the organizer specifically for your safe, universal models are nothing but headaches.

Ammo Storage

Don’t store your ammunition in your gun safe!

It took way to long for me to find the perfect ammo crate; The MTM AC4C is perfect for any gun owner. Grab the whole crate or just one can, they stack, they tie down. I have two for ammunition, a separate one for cleaning supplies, and a third for food storage.

The cans hold around 1000 rounds of 9mm loose, O ring prevents most air and water, toss in a few desiccant packs and you have cheap and easy ammunition storage. The best part is they are stackable and have solid tie downs for a moving.

While I prefer metal, these plastic containers just keep growing on me.


Most safe queens get damaged from rust and the rot of time; grab a dehumidifier if you buy nothing else on this list. Clean your guns before you put them in the safe, and everything else is going to be covered by your safe. I didn’t include anti-tampering cameras, alarms for the safe, or a hundred other unnecessary products because you should buy a quality safe, keep it secure and clean, and hopefully never have a reason to justify the purchase. 

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