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Highest Magnification Scope: Which Has The Most Zoom?

Dakota Potts | Updated December 1, 2023 | Why You Should Trust Us | How We Earn Money
Cover photo of highest magnification scope with a March scope on a rail

So what’s the highest magnification scope in the world as of 2024? 

With anywhere between 5,000–10,000 rifle scopes on the market, the answer isn’t so clear. 

But don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork and found the highest magnification scope that money can buy. 

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Key Takeaways

  • High magnification scopes provide exceptional zoom capabilities, often up to 50x or 60x
  • March X-Series 8-80x56mm scope is a superb choice for long-range shooting enthusiasts
  • To achieve the best accuracy with powerful scopes, the ideal atmospheric conditions are crucial

Highest Magnification Scope

In long-range shooting, the right scope magnification boosts precision. If you’re looking for the highest magnification scope, the March 8-80x56mm scope is the one, perfect for ideal conditions.

Rifle scope view of two different magnifications of a white target

But be sure to keep in mind that picking a riflescope that suits your needs most of the time is key.

Yes, higher magnification improves resolution at longer ranges. But target size, movement, and lens quality also matter when choosing the best magnification.

And while high magnification scopes help with precision, the image brightness and reticle visibility are also affected and should be taken into account.

Simply put, while the highest magnification scope offers unmatched power for long-range shooting, you need to consider your target’s size and motion, lens quality, image brightness, and reticle visibility when choosing your scope.

Every little error is magnified at that power. Even at 35x magnification, like in this video below, it may be too much for some.

Largest Objective Lens Rifle Scope

Three different scopes with different objective lens sizes on a wooden table

The Sightron SIII 10-50×60 is a high-magnification rifle scope with a large 60mm objective lens known for its strong light-gathering abilities. However, a bigger lens doesn’t always mean better brightness and low-light performance.

Objective lens size isn’t the sole determiner of optical quality. In fact, clarity, contrast, light transmission, and field of view also significantly affect a scope’s performance.

Scope brightness isn’t just about lens size, and marketing can oversell large objective lens benefits. And yes, high magnification paired with large lenses can provide wider views, but the right balance of magnification, field of view, and optical quality are key.

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For superior low-light shooting, look beyond objective lens size. A scope with quality glass, specialized coatings, and top-notch optical systems will boost light transmission and enhance performance.

So, when choosing a large objective lens scope, consider overall optical quality and other factors. Don’t just go looking for a 70mm rifle scope (you most likely won’t find one). 

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, and the best performance lies in striking the perfect balance.

50x Magnification Rifle Scope

A 50x magnification rifle scope, like the popular Trijicon Tenmile 5-50×56 variable rifle scope, excels in extreme long-range shooting and hunting by offering clear visuals at significant distances.

These distances are not what most shooters will ever need to cover unless you’re doing extremely precise benchrest-style shooting. Scopes like these also usually feature a large objective lens to admit more light for a bright, clear view.

If you plan to get a 50x magnification rifle scope, you’ll most often see options with large lenses, reticle options, and precision adjustments to offer top-tier performance for both target shooting and hunting.

Trijicon Tenmile mounted on a red rifle outdoors in a field

60x Magnification Rifle Scope

A 60x magnification rifle scope, like the Minotaur 12-60×60 rifle scope, offers superior detail visibility. It’s perfect for engaging smaller targets at long distances, making it a favorite among F Class and Bench Rest competition shooters.

However, high magnification scopes come with challenges, including a narrower field of view, which complicates tracking moving targets. So, having an adjustable zoom becomes crucial for versatility in different shooting scenarios.

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High magnification scopes often feature ultra-fine, first focal plane reticles for precision on known-distance long-range targets.

And for these scopes, parallax adjustments are essential to maintain crisp, clear target images, ensuring a centered and focused reticle, regardless of the shooter’s eye position.

In addition, windage and elevation adjustments are key to a 60x magnification scope’s effectiveness. Fine increments, such as 1/8 MOA adjustments, enhance shooting accuracy even under challenging conditions.

Close-up of the knobs of a scope with a white background

So, while high magnification scopes like the 60x require practice and skill, their advanced features – adjustable zoom, fine reticle options, and precision adjustments – make them a worthy investment for dedicated long-range shooters.

March X-Series 8-80x56mm Scope

March-X scope on a wooden surface

The March X-Series 8-80x56mm scope is a top-tier high-magnification rifle scope. This 80x magnification rifle scope focuses from 10 yards to infinity and is a power-packed choice for shooters.

Despite the smaller field of view at 80x magnification, this scope delivers superior image resolution with high-quality ED lenses, ensuring precise shots on distant targets.

The scope’s reticle aids in precise target acquisition, with parallax adjustments for optimal focus. Plus, the oversized tactical turrets make windage and elevation adjustments effortless, allowing for swift, accurate shots.

March-X rifle scope on a white background

Constructed on a robust 34mm tube, the March x-Series 8-80x56mm scope is a great pick for extreme long-range shooters. Its versatile range and high-quality optics make it reliable for competitive shooting or hunting. 

In short, it sets a new benchmark in rifle scope power and precision.

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What is the maximum range of a 10x scope?

A 10x scope’s maximum range is 1000 yards (914.4 meters), influenced by shooter skill and equipment quality. This range is optimal for hunting or target shooting. However, moving targets, personal preferences, and glass quality also impact performance and range.

What scope has the highest magnification?

The world’s highest magnification rifle scope is the March X-Series 8-80x56mm, ideal for targeting distant, small objects.

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