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How to Remove Glock Sights: All You Need to Know

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If you own a Glock, you know it’s one of the most reliable handgun models out there. However, if you want your firearm to be even more reliable and easier to shoot, you should replace the original iron sights with something that increases your accuracy and visibility. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn how to remove a Glock sight.

How to Remove Glock Sights

Although removing a Glock sight is pretty straightforward, there are multiple variations to pay attention to. So, you need to know the type of sight before you can remove it. 

The two primary options are screw-type and pin-secured, but some Glock models have unique sights, so we’ll cover each method below.

Removing the Screw-Type Sight

This method is the simplest, as all you have to do is remove the screw holding the sight in place. Just follow these steps:

  • Unload your weapon
  • Remove the slide
  • Locate the screw at the front of the slide
  • Use a front sight tool to remove the screw
  • Pull the sight off the slide

Rear sights are much easier to remove because they’re not held in place with a screw. We’ll cover how to remove rear Glock sights a bit later.

Standard glock pistol shown with a ammo box

Removing a Pin-Secured or Riveted Sight

Pin-secured sights are much more stable, but they require a puncher tool to remove. Once you have this tool, you can follow these steps:

  • Unload your weapon
  • Remove the slide from your gun
  • Put the slide into a vice. Ideally, protect the metal by putting wood or cloth between the vice and the slide
  • Use a puncher tool to knock the pin out of its socket
  • Remove the sight

Now, if your Glock has a riveted sight, you’ll need to use a small drill to remove the main section of the rivet before you can punch it out. 

However, if you don’t have a drill small enough, you’ll need to buy one. It’s imperative that the drill bit doesn’t touch the slide, as it will damage the metal and affect your shot.

How to Remove Adjustable Glock Sights

An adjustable rear sight allows you to zero out your gun more easily because you can adjust the position of the sight based on how the gun is firing. Because these models are rear sights, you just have to knock them out of the trench with a slide pusher or tack hammer if you don’t have a pusher.

How to Remove Sights on Glock 43

A Glock 43 doesn’t have unique sights compared to other Glock models, so the steps for removing the sights are the same as any other weapon. Again, make sure to verify if the sights are mounted by screws, pins, or rivets before starting. This way, you can make sure you have the right tools and setup ready. (1)

How to Remove Glock 17 Sights

As with the Glock 43, a Glock 17 also doesn’t require any special tools or equipment to remove the front and rear sights. You can simply follow the steps we outlined above and swap your sights out as necessary.

How to Remove Glock Front Sights

Looking down the sights of a glock

Because Glock front sights can be installed with different pieces, you have to inspect the slide to know what you’re working with. As we mentioned, a Glock front sight tool is the best item to have as it’ll make the removal process easy and straightforward.

If you have a riveted sight, you’ll need a drill with a small enough bit to remove the rivet without damaging the slide. Otherwise, the front sight tool should be sufficient for this procedure. (2)

How to Remove Glock Front Sight Without a Tool

Technically, the only way to remove a Glock front sight is with a tool. However, you don’t necessarily need a specific “front sight tool” to get the job done. 

Instead, if you have a 3/16″ socket wrench that fits inside the slide, you can use that. But if you have a pin-secured or riveted sight, you’ll need specialized equipment to take the front sight off.

How to Remove Glock Front Night Sights

It’s true that using night sights offer better illumination at night, but the layout is still the same as any other Glock front sight. So, to remove a night sight, you just have to take out the screw holding it in place, pop the sight out, and then replace it with a new one.

How to Remove Rear Sights on Glock

Image of the typical sights on a pistol

Essentially, rear sights stay in place by sticking into the trench at the back of the gun. 

Now, the best method for removing a Glock rear sight is to use a sight pusher tool. However, a tack hammer or something similar can also work to dislodge the piece from the slide. Then, when installing a new rear sight, you just have to push it into place.

How to Remove XS Bigdot Sights From a Glock Rear Sight

It’s, in fact, very easy to remove XS Bigdot Sights as they’re installed the same way as most other Glock rear sights, so all you have to do is loosen the piece from the trench. 

However, if you put Loctite on the metal before installing it, you might want to take a hair dryer or something similar to heat the material so it will come out easier. This way, you don’t risk damaging the slide by hitting the sight too hard.

Here’s a helpful video that illustrates this process in detail:

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Now that you know how to easily swap out your Glock’s sights, the next step is to check out our article on the best Glock upgrades on the market. We point you to which sights are the right ones for you.

If you’re not sure which parts will fit with your Glock, see our guide to “What gen is my Glock?


Can you switch sights in a Glock?

Yes, you can switch the sights on a Glock. You can swap to a similar sight like the one that came with the gun, or you can upgrade to something better, like a red dot or laser sight. 

Do you need a tool to change Glock sights?

No, you do not need to use a tool to change your Glock sights, but it makes the job a lot easier and smoother. That said, some sights are much harder to install and remove without tools, so the answer to this question changes based on the type of sight you’re using.

What are the most accurate Glock sights?

When talking about the most accurate Glock sights available, three models come to mind – the TruGlo TFX Pro Tritium Set, the Trijicon HD XR Tritium Sights, and the AmeriGlo GL-125 Ghost Ring. Each of these sights is easy to see and works well in sunlight and low-light conditions, letting you shoot accurately every time.

Are all Glock sights the same?

Not all Glock sights are the same whether you’re talking about the design or compatibility of a Glock sight. What matters is the type of Glock you have, as that will determine the size and dimensions of the sight you can install on it. That said, most Glock sights fit within the same category, so it’s easy to switch from one to another.

Can you remove fixed Glock sights?

Yes, you can remove fixed Glock sights, sometimes without a tool. The most common sights use screws to stay in place, so all you have to do is unscrew them, and you can pull the sight off the gun.

standard glock 19 on wooden table

What tools are needed to change Glock sights?

The tools you need to change Glock sights are aptly named the front sight tool and rear sight tool. Since you need to change both sections simultaneously, you’ll need both tools to complete the job. If you’re changing a screw-type sight, you may also need a screwdriver.

Are Glock sights easy to install?

Yes, Glock sights are easy to install if you have the right tools and steady hands. Compared to some other sights, changing those on a Glock may seem a bit more complicated, but the process is actually straightforward and easy to understand.

Do I need a sight pusher?

No you do not need a sight pusher to swap your Glock sights. However, this tool is not always necessary, as you can find workaround solutions. That said, you’ll still need some kind of tool, so you might as well have one that makes the job as easy as possible.

Does changing Glock sights void warranty?

Yes, changing Glock sights voids the warranty. Even if you use certified Glock sights, the act of removing and replacing the original hardware means you can’t file a warranty claim afterward.

Is a red dot on a Glock worth it?

If you’re trying to be as accurate as possible, then yes, a red dot on a Glock is worth the investment. Most shooters can aim more precisely, particularly at longer distances, with a red dot installed. Plus, if you’re using bullseye targets, it’s easier for your eye to center the dot in the middle of the target.

What is a Glock front sight tool?

A Glock front sight tool is a small, 3/16″ nut driver with thin walls. This tool is used to remove the front sight on a Glock, and it makes the process of changing sights much easier. 

If you have an extensive socket wrench set, you can use a 3/16″ socket instead, provided that it’s thin enough on the sides.

What size is a Glock front sight tool?

The size of a Glock front sight tool is 3/16 inches. So, if you’re trying to use a socket wrench or a similar tool, it has to be this size. 

You’ll also need some other tools to make the process a bit smoother, including a drift punch, tack hammer, and gun oil. The specific tools required, however, depend on the type of sight you’re installing or removing.

Do you need Loctite for Glock front sight?

You don’t need Loctite for a Glock front sight when installing it. However, if you want the sight to hold firm for a long time and not come loose, we highly recommend putting Loctite on it. With this product, you can significantly extend the life of your gun’s sight.


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