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Where to Buy LPVOs In: NZ, CA, SA, AU or UK? [2024]

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LPVOs provide practical aiming assistance when operating a rifle for hunting, practice, and tactical adventures. But the thing is, buying a quality LPVO can be hard to do in many countries.

Don’t worry, though. Dive into this guide highlighting the retailers worth considering if you want to purchase a rifle LPVO scope in New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Australia, or the UK.

Where To Buy LPVO Scopes In The USA

If you’re not sure where can you buy LPVOs in the USA, we have a separate article for that. This article is focusing on counties other than The United States.

Where Can You Buy LPVO Scopes

The best place to get your firearm accessories and devices depends on your region and the available retailers. Firearms laws and regulations vary by country, so take time to familiarize yourself with the law before buying accessories.

Take a look at the best retailers according to the area to help you land quality products regardless of your location.

New Zealand

Gun City

One of the leading firearms retailers in New Zealand is Gun City. This store provides customers with high-quality and reliable products, from ammunition and field gear to firearm accessories. 

What’s more, they provide price cuts and discounts, which contribute to Gun City’s popularity, high traffic, and sales.


Another worthy retailer to consider in New Zealand is Reloaders. This retailer focuses on firearms and includes a variety of LPVO scopes for you to choose from. 

Many gun owners in New Zealand prefer shopping at Reloaders because of the flat rate delivery and friendly expert assistance you get.



Cabela’s is not a firearms retailer but a popular outdoor recreation retailer in Canada. Their website mainly comprises camping and outdoor accessories like heaters and GPS devices. 

You can also find a variety of LPVO rifle scopes in their catalog from popular brands like Vortex and Bushnell. (1)

Strike Eagle LPVO mounted on a Picatinny rail

Sail Outdoors

You can also purchase an LPVO scope from Sail Outdoors when in Canada. The online retailer features various fishing, camping, outdoor gear, and hunting accessories to help upgrade your overall experience. You also get access to valuable information, tips, and tricks to help prepare for your adventures.

South Africa

Safari Outdoor

Africa is not the most accessible region to purchase firearms or accessories. However, individuals living in South Africa can use the Safari Outdoor domain to purchase LPVO scopes. You can also access other outdoor products like ammunition, knives, fishing equipment, and selected firearms.

Gun Africa

Another popular firearms retailer in South Africa is Gun Africa. This retailer offers access to various weapons and accessories, from pistols and rifles to shotguns. It’s an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a high-quality LPVO.


Cleaver Firearms

Gun enthusiasts in Australia can purchase LPVO scopes and other firearm accessories from Cleaver Firearms. This platform provides products tailored for hunting, resulting in a comfortable and enjoyable shooting experience. 

The product prices, monthly prizes, and discounts are among the main reasons for their popularity.

Beretta Australia

Beretta is the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer, with over 300 dealers nationwide. Individuals in Australia have access to a wide range of products, including high-quality optic devices like LPVO scopes.

United Kingdom

Optics Warehouse

Optics Warehouse dominates the United Kingdom’s firearms industry. Their catalog includes rifle scopes, mounts, and thermal and night vision accessories to upgrade your weapon’s productivity. Shopping at Optics Warehouse gives you great deals and access to the latest products.

Sportsman Gun Centre

If you’re in the UK, you should consider buying your LPVO scope at Sportsman Gun Centre. It is Europe’s largest online firearms retailer, with over a hundred thousand products in stock. You’ll also save more after enjoying the price cuts and discounts on the platform.


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