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LPVO Scope Brands: Which Are Worth It & Which To Avoid

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What’s all the hype about LPVOs? Why are they all the rage in shooting circles with police, firearm instructors, and military forces? 

The answer is simple. They’re versatile and efficient.

If you’re considering LPVO options, read on to find out what LPVO scope brands are worth it and which ones to avoid.

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The Top LPVO Scope Brands of 2024

Let’s look at the top LPVO scope brands of 2024 that you should check out. Each scope is a bit different, allowing you to choose what meets your needs. Let’s get started.


Leupold optics is considered among the best in the industry. Although mid-price, this brand certainly doesn’t deliver mid-quality products.

All their scopes are made with aircraft-grade aluminum that’s strong yet lightweight. In addition, they are waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof.

To spice up the deal, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee covering materials and workmanship defects. Talk about being confident about the product.

The scopes have quality glass that is clear and bright, and the reticles provide well-defined aiming points, making your shots straightforward. All these factors work together to increase your chances of shooting the target.

One of the latest offerings, the Leupold 2-10X 30mm, still maintains the rugged performance of the Mark 5HD line while offering a light, smaller and lighter scope. (References: LPVO Scope Brands)

For more reading on Leupold and why they’re a top brand, see our guide to Leupold Optics warranty vs Vortex’s.

Swampfox Optics

Close-up of LPVO knobs

This is a highly-rated brand, and for a good reason. Swampfox Optics has scopes for all kinds of shooters. Whether you’re an entry-level shooter or want a duty-use optic, you’ll find a huge selection of scopes under this brand.

Some of their scopes’ key features include clear fog-free glass and a large throw fin for easy magnification adjustment.

In some scopes, the side focus parallax knob modifies the scope’s parallax, allowing the reticle to appear clear and have less movement perception when shooting at various distances.


Barska is famous for having all kinds of scopes. From pricier optics to low-budget options and from basic to all kinds of optics, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Barska scopes are for the shooter who doesn’t want to spend more than necessary on an optic. Their optics are well built, reliable, and cost half the price of what most other brands go for.

With that being said, it can’t rival scopes from major brands. After all, they aren’t exactly great for long-range shooting. However, if you want something decent and affordable, check out Barska, as it will cater to your needs.


Nightforce scopes are popular for their unparalleled accuracy, high-quality build, recoil-free turrets, and exceptional coating. The brand has some of the best glass on the market.

For those reasons, Nightforce scopes are among the most sought-after scopes for shooting situations by shooters of various needs.

The scopes excel even at long-range shooting, and they make phenomenal tactical scopes thanks to their low profile and huge crosshair.


Vortex LPVO scope mounted on a rifle

Although Vortex joined the market later than other industry brands, it has become very dominant in the optics world. In fact, the U.S. army selected the brand to make an advanced optic for them. (References: LPVO)

The brand produces scopes with amazing clarity and crisp images, even when using wide-range magnification. Imagine being able to see nice and clear colors despite less-than-ideal weather conditions. That’s what you get from this brand.

Aside from the high glass quality, the eye relief is good (3.4 inches), and the eye box is large. Another feature we love about this brand is that their elevation and windage knobs are easy to adjust, ensuring your bullets strike your target.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms has been serving the industry with quality optics for professionals and civilians since 2007. Their optics are popular for being affordable and of great quality.

One of the selling factors for this brand is that the scopes have been made with high-quality aluminum grade with a matte finish. This not only protects the scope from damage and scratches but also keeps it looking great for a long time.

The scopes also have sufficient magnification power, giving you a clear shot of your target at longer ranges.


Although not that popular, EOTech LPVO scopes are quite good. They have long-lasting batteries that can go up to 500 hours, not to mention the auto shut-off feature that allows you to save power.

The brand produces LPVOs with high-density glasses, giving you enhanced clarity and protection. In addition, the optics feature a broadband antireflection coating, thus not giving away your position.

EOTech has also made LPVOs with great eye relief, giving you a great field of view. But on the downside, some of their scopes, such as the Vudu 1-6×24 Riflescope, lack locking turrets which can lead to accidental changes in the turret settings.

Here’s a video explaining one of the cool scopes from the EOTech brand and how it works:


Bushnell produces reliable and versatile optics, perfect for your rifle. They have a huge selection of rifle scopes for all your hunting needs.

In fact, they have some good riflescopes for different types of games, big and small, and competition shooting too. And just like many rifle scopes, the glass gets better, the durability increases, and the adjustments become more precise as the price goes up.

Ultimately, their products are affordable, and the average target shooter or hunter will find the quality satisfactory.


If you want to jump into the tactic-cool campaign but can’t afford high-end tactical scopes, check out Mostrum scopes. They know their products, sell them at affordable prices, and offer warranties to customers.

Unfortunately, the low price point also means you can’t expect many cool features from these scopes. Nonetheless, they get points for performing reasonably well, even in low-light conditions.

Not to mention, they’re well-built too. The scopes are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning they’re light and strong while avoiding being bulky.

Sig Sauer

Like most brands, Sig Sauer has also gone all out, producing products with great specs, starting with exceptional glass clarity. In fact, in higher-end products like the SIG Sauer TANGO6T 1-6x24mm LPVO, the optic lacks edge distortion despite your magnification setting.

Sig Sauer Tango6T LPVO on a rail

The lenses are often coated, preventing fogging up, which is a plus if you’re shooting in unpleasant weather.

Another selling point for this brand is that some optics have a wide zoom range of up to 24X, although the zoom mechanism can be a little stiff.


Steiner LPVOs use the latest German optics technology, delivering the finest optics. These optics can survive even the worst conditions. Whether in heavy glare, low light, or in heavy rainfall, be confident you’ll get a crystal clear view.

This German brand has tactical, military, and hunting scopes, although their LPVOs are more popular among law enforcement personnel and the military.

Wherever you need the toughest, sharpest, and most reliable optics, you can trust Steiner to deliver. In addition, their glass rivals other optics going for double the price, making this a worthy purchase.


In the world of optics, we have seen quality and innovation improve as prices decrease. A considerable part of this is thanks to Holosun.

The brand gained popularity by innovating good products and keeping costs down. The use of titanium, multiple reticles, and a solar failsafe feature makes it a great choice for different shooters.

In addition, this brand produces compact-size LPVOs, thus not increasing the rifle’s weight. And with a variety of options to choose from, there’s bound to be a Holosun for every need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best LPVO for the buck?

The best LPVO for the buck is Vortex, notably the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24. For a $300 optic, you get really good glass with minimal side distortion. The reticle is bullet drop compensation (BDC), making it easier to shoot long-range shots.

What is the best use for LPVO?

The best use for LPVOs is in fast-action, close-up shooting, and hitting targets at mid-range distances. It’s also ideal for fast-moving targets, making it perfect for almost all applications.


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