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For many years in Australia, I hunted with an old friend that from the time he got up in the morning to the last thing he did at night was to put on and take off a single monocular unit. He live with the system partly because he was nearsighted, but for the big picture we were hunting almost every day of the week for pigs, roo, or fallow deer in the deep northern Queensland outback. .  Why the monoculars system? Because it was very lightweight fast to get on a target, and in a quality line well made and reliable.

Author with Nikon glass during zero in work on new long range rifle

Best Monoculars

1. Gosky 12×55 High Definition

The following are some current monocular systems that can fit the needs of sportsmen, sport fans, and even law enforcement.

This unit carries the 12×55 power magnification. The body is somewhat larger than a mini system and can be set on a pistol grip system included with the glass scope.

The monocular will respond with a bright clear image according to the manufacture, and is argon purged making it waterproof, fog proof, dustproof, and built to take on shock effects in the field.

2. Adasion Monocular Telescope

This model MW6 by Adasion is a large unit and can be attached to the tripod that is a part of the scopes package. The lens system is operation in low light or bring daylight conditions and will produce bright clear images. The 18mm BAK4 prism lens provides HD vision results, and the dielectric coating as well as phase coating provides even better image results downrange.

The 21mm eyepiece is easy to use and very workable for field observations, sporting events and other related uses. The large 56mm objective lens will cover a view of 325 feet at 1000 yards which will allow the user to pick up a moving target with ease and stay with it as it moves across the path of the viewing area.

The monocular is set up to accept most models of smartphone for photo purposes, The overall weight on this unit is considered “lightweight” and very workable for general field applications.

3. Gosky Titan 12×50 High Power Prism Monocular

It would seem as though the current rage in monocular use today is matching it to a smartphone for viewing and photo image production. Nothing wrong there, as that can upgrade a hunt or field activity greatly at times. This unit under review will adapt to just about if not all current production smartphones.

The housing on the optic retains rubber armor and raised strips so as to allow the user to be able to maintain a sure grip at all times. The BAK-4 prism will produce clear images with sharp detail at even longer ranges.

O ring sealed the unit is waterproof, dustproof, and fog proof as well.

4. Leica Monovid 8×20 Monocular

Here we have a high grade glass monocular system made by the world famous glass sight builder Leica. This system is small ultra lightweight with that compact user design and retains state-of-the-art components that will produce outstanding observation ability. A special secondary lens allows the owner to zero in on very close subjects as in butterfly’s etc. Remove the secondary system and you have a longer range unit at hand.

The weight of this unit is 112g./ 4 ounces. It is so small it can be carried in a small pocket or bag.  The twilight factor is 12.7 with an eye relief of 15mm. Product size 3.9X 1/5X 1.5 inches.

5. Vortex Optics Solo Monocular 8X36

Here we have an 8 mag unit that is smaller and a bit more flexible than some of the other larger designs. The unit retains multicoated lens surfaces for protection and light control ability. This is a single tube system and retains the engineering of the Vortex rifle scope line as such.

The monocular is totally rubber coated for rough field applications, O-ring sealed for water and dust protection and retains the 36” objective for ample viewing coverage.

The unit also retains an adjustable clip so as to allow the user to pin on clothing or a backpack etc. The system will produce a field of view measuring 393 feet at 1000 yards, with a  close focus of 16.4 feet.

This unit retains an adjustable eyepiece that will allow easy use with or without glasses.

6. Bushnell Monocular

This small unit is ideal for the quick look by a hunter in medium to short range hunting conditions. The unit is totally waterproof, uses 0-ring sealed internals, multicoated optics for great protection and light control.

The rubber housing is made to protect the nit against all sorts of nasty field conditions and it is small enough to hang on the shooter’s neck without causing any discomfort.

Total weight with battery is 0.8 pounds, and the monocular uses a simple and easy to replace two CR 2 battery’s. A carry case strap and clearing cloth are included in the package.

This unit retains Bushnell “StableViewing”. This is a system that will maintain a stable image when viewed by the 8x25mm objective system.

I use this same basic housing in a range finder by Bushnell and I have found the size and shape of the optics easy to handle in many adverse situations.

7. Oxxyt Monocular 12X50 with EVA

This unit is a budget priced system for general use and comes with a whole lot of extra add on parts.  The monocular comes built with a BAK prism system FMC lens, and smartphone mounting system. Add on the tripod system and you have as rather compete unit for photos or general viewing. Budget priced I would not consider this a professional piece of equipment, but general field use considered the unit can get by as a starter unit.

The lens surfaces are multi coated for control of light and protection against nasty objects getting in the way. The total weight of the scope is 1/05 pounds, the objective is 50mm, and the outer body of the unit is rubber armored for total protection.

Sporting events. General observation and light hunting conditions will allow this unit to do the deal just fine.

8. Elite 1 HD 12×50 Monocular

This is a small scope that retains some added elements that allow the user to get full advantage of the system. This monocular is waterproof, fog-proof and will fight off the negative elements associated with rough field use.  This scope comes with a tripod, phone holder, color box, cleaning cloth wrist strap, bag and eyepiece cover.

You could say it is a complete packing for field use. Based on pricing I would suggest that this is a budget price unit that could be a good starter system or a light duty general use monocular unit. The system retains a wheel control on to off, the tube which makes for easy adjusting for focus. The outer body is textured for positive surface gripping, and the 50mm objective will pull light and offer a wide field of view downrange. Total weight 12 ounces, manual focus, and straight through the tube viewing.

9. Flyhare monocular 12X50

Flyhare offered a larger monocular system that will pull light with its 50mm objective lens, makes us of a multilayer broadband green film, with the eyepiece using a blue FMC coating to generate positive light transmission

The image quality in this scope is good, and the system will generate 99% light control through the objective. The unit can upgrade to smartphone retention, has a long eye relief for use with glasses, and is manufactured with a high grade plastic that will fight negative effects of weather.

Designed for general use being sporting events, hunting, and nature observation. The system will cover 367 feet at 1000 yards in terms of viewing area.

10. ProStaff Nikon 1000

This system is not a traditional monocular, but rather a ranging system that retains glass quality that makes it a good medium range spotting scope in a compact size and with the same quality’s as the single lens systems and in some cases ver better. Also as indicated the unit can range targets at the same time it is viewing them. We have used these units or systems very much like the Nikon for years in the field. At times the big glass spotting scopes can not be set up when on the move and this unit fits the needs of the hunt to perfection, Spot, range, and design to shoot.

The Tru-Target technology allows the user to choose between first or distant target priority modes depending on the given situation observed downrange. The unit retains multilayer coatings on the lens surface to protect and control light. The power on this unit is 6x and that is more than enough for field applications when shooting to ranges of about 600 yards.

This unit is not a toy or backyard fun system but a quality professional or advanced hunters tool. Sport stalk and range. This unit will do the deal in each of these areas.

The options I have covered in this review do not represent all of the different options available to the sportsmen today. This subject contains a massive area of glass viewing production. Like other reviews I have produced here you can trust that price will dictate to a great extent what the quality and lifeline of the product will be. In effect, what you pay for is exactly what you’re going to get in the long run.  

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