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Best Scopes For The Ruger 10/22 Rifles – Reviews & Guides

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Cover photo of Best Scopes For The Ruger 10/22 Rifles showing the lens of a scope

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is considered among the most popular rimfire rifles in service today by casual target shooters as well as hunters. So, installing scopes on this rifle is not a major issue at all, as many different brand names offer specific types of glass sights to fit the needs of rimfire shooters.

But here’s a selection of the best scopes for the Ruger 10/22 to consider, and I’ve made sure to cover their applications both as plinking fun gun systems and serious hunting tools as well.

My Picks for Ruger 10/22 Rifle Scope

Ruger 10/22 barreled receiver on a Ruger SR-22 chassis stock system propped on a tire
Authors Ruger 10/22 barreled receiver mounted on the Ruger SR-22 chassis stock system.

Best Ruger 10/22 Scope Recommendations

1. Barska 3-9X32 Plinker-22

Barska 3-9X32 Plinker-22 product image

Built in the 3-9x magnification the Barska is a scope that will work out well for general use on the 22 rimfire Ruger 10/22 platform. This glass sight retains a size measuring 12 inches with a full one inch “big rifle” tube and 32mm objective lens.

Barska 3-9X32 scope on top of its box

The scope includes its own set of Weaver-style mounting rings and also offers lens covers, lens cleaning cloth, and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Burris Droptine Riflescope With Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle

Burris Droptine Riflescope product image

The name is not a match to the product because the Droptine in the 22 LR sub-tensions is not a deer rifle to be sure. However, the key here is a scope built by a sold manufacturer that is designed by way of the elevation and windage reticle as a 22 LR bullet delivery system.

Burris offers a full-size 3-9X40 objective lens, a one inch main tube that can be switched off to other platforms, finger adjustable low profile turrets, and double internal springs.

Burris Droptine Riflescope beside its box

Weight comes in at 0.81 lbs and the tube material is of a steel construction.

While a bit large as attached to the Ruger 10/22 it is a scope that will also work out well for the newer 22 Long Rifle target games in the longer-range shooting department today.

3. Leupold 22 Rimfire Scope

Leupold 22 Rimfire Scope product image

When turning to another scope with the 22 Long Rifle in mind, Leupold offers this model in the VX-Freedom 2-7X32 as an MOA-marked sub-tension system that is well suited for both game and target work.

Leupold 22 Rimfire Scope mounted on a rifle

The scope retains MOA 1/4” graduations, finger click controls that are soft touch and positive in terms of maintaining exact position on the turret, as well as being waterproof and fog proof, the field hunter, also carries a full lifetime Leupold warranty. 

Built from Leupold’s almost trademarked 6061-T5 aircraft-grade aluminum, the one inch main tube is able to meet the needs of the active field hunter. A squirrel rifle scope comes to mind here, and the glass will get the most out of the Ruger 10/22 Carbine to be sure.

4. Lebo Multi-X Reticle

Lebo Multi-X Reticle product image

Moving to a budget model scope, but still very workable for small game and informal target shooting/ plinking, the Lebo Multi-X Reticle wide field scope comes to mind.

Lebo Multi-X Reticle scope beside its box

This scope makes use of high target-style turret settings, 1.5X5 magnification levels, and a 20mm objective lens with 3.23 in eye relief.

Multicoated lens for a clean target image, premium zero lockable, and resettable for windage and elevation, the scope becomes flexible for both target and game applications. Add on the use of T6O61 aluminum in an aircraft grade, and the small light scope is a real buy for your hard-earned money.

This scope retains a full lifetime warranty, as the company stands behind every product sold.

5. TRUGLO Compact HuntTec

TRUGLO Compact HuntTec product image

When aligned to the Ruger 10/22, the TRUGLO compact HuntTec illuminated reticle in a 4X32mm package is the perfect fit as applied to the Ruger 10/22 as offered in the wood-stocked carbine model.

I have indicated the “wood stocked” model here because the Ruger 10/22 is modified both by custom designed stocks etc, to the different models offered by the Ruger factory.  I shoot three rifles and all have been stripped down and now use wire stocks, folders, and as the Ruger SR 22 illustrates a full chassis stocked model as well. This means different scope sizes and types can apply to the rifle.

TRUGLO Compact HuntTec scope mounted on a hunting rifle

The subject is not static as such, but in this case, the nice tightly packaged TRUGLO model HuntTec is a dead-on-the-target perfect fit.

At 11×6.25 x 2.5 inches the receiver of the 10/22 is filled out, but not overflowing with steel tubing.

The fully coated lens provides a bright protected sighting platform, and the wide field of view and strong leaf-spring click adjustments at ½ MOA make for a solid zeroing and functioning system.

This scope is set up in 1.2 MOA graduations, and it includes the Weaver-style mounts as well. Reticle illumination comes in both red and green dual color options for varied lighting conditions on target and in the field. This makes the 10/22 field ready for low or no light shooting as in night fur harvesting and varmint work as well.

Total weight is at 1.1 pounds.

6. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20

Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20 product image

Here we have a scope that can be obtained in the rimfire MOA reticle and is also missing the forward larger bell housing, which makes it shorter and a better fit as applied to the Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle.

The scope retains solid repeatable ¼ clock MOA graduations, totally water roofed for use inclement weather, and for rough field use crafter from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20 scope held in both hands

Built with the Leupold “Twilight Management System” the low light and bright light conditions are all taken into account in terms of a target image as seen through the lens system on this glass sight.

Built compact with the one inch main tube for built-up internal parts this is a lifetime investment in glass sight set up for rifles like the 22 LR carbine Ruger offers shooters.

You can also see the Leupold Freedom scope in our article the best AR10 scopes.

7. TRUGLO 4X32 Compact Rimfire Scope

TRUGLO 4X32 Compact Rimfire Scope product image

Here we have an ultra-low budget scope that is designed for plinking in the backyard, but rest assured even little tubes like this can end up doing much heavier work in the field. I knew as I have two systems in my shop that have been hunted hard for over 30 years, and in both cases mount tubes much like this little sub-compact glass sight.

This scope can almost be obtained with a full-color reticle system, but for the most part, it is a straight standard reticle 4X32 at a very low price point.

TRUGLO 4X32 Compact Rimfire Scope with lens cap

The scope retains coated lenses, and it is scratch-protected as well. The main body on the scope is like other TRUGLO products, and I can attest to the fact that they hold up well when the weather starts to cut a hunt to pieces in the high country around me.

If I write it, it is true, as I have five different TRUGLO sighting systems in service here at BR&D currently. All are working, and all have done the deed in the field and on the steel target range.

8. BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 LR Scope

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 LR Scope product image

This BSA is a scope I use as applied to the 22 Magnum and 17 HMR. The scope uses a calibrated turret that is set up for the 22 Long Rifle cartridge. Just zero dial and turn to reach the exact range of your target.

The BSA system is old school in that it is the early pre-ranging turret type of system developed by BSA.  However, it is dead on accurate even for its age, and I have run those turret settings all across the board trying to get the system to fail and not lock in, but rest assured that the test went no place but forward toward a positive goal.

Using the turret settings, you can push bullets well beyond the normal range limits and fight off the massive rainbow trajectory associated with the little rimfire cartridge.

This BSA scope retains a weight of one pound even, uses the side parallax knob adjustment system, and is built fog and waterproof.

With the larger 40mm lens the light-gathering ability of the scope is at big rifle levels when it comes to sighting systems.

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 LR Scope mounted on a rifle

Click adjustments are in the ¼ MOA, and the elevation adjustments are pre-calibrated for bullet weights of 36 grain through 40 grain.  The lens material is glass, and the main tube and core parts are all metal construction.  I have not had any failures with my BSA Sweet 17, and service life has been a decade to date.

9. Barska AC 13490 Plinker 22 LR

Barska AC 13490 Plinker 22 LR product image

This small compact scope is ideal for use on the Ruger 10/22 as it is small in size, retains ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments, and is parallax-free at 50 yards. The scope is not intended for long-range competitive use, but rather for backyard plinking games, or even closer-range use as a squirrel and rabbit harvesting system. In terms of mounting on your rifle, the scope is offered with 3/8th inch dovetail rings.

Barska AC 13490 Plinker 22 LR scope on a white background

10. Bushnell Rimfire Optics Scope

Bushnell Rimfire Optics Scope product image

Bushnell offers a glass sight that is designed expressly for the 22 Rimfire rifle cartridge. This scope is set up as a 3.5-10 x 36mm system, and as such can work well for longer-range target games, or accurate small game hunting as well. At 1.3 pounds it is not too heavy for an install on the Ruger 10/22 and it gives the smaller carbine rifle some latitude in terms of flexibility.

The rifle scope features the Bushnell multi-x reticle and can be replaced with the BDC turrets for use with the 17 HMR. This is actually one of the best 17 HMR scopes out there as well. Using the fast-focus eyepiece and built on a full one inch main tube housing the scope is almost a  “ big rifle” design.

Bushnell Rimfire Optics Scope on top of a hunting rifle

I can attest to the fact that over many years. I have mounted one inch tube centerfire rife scopes “ Big rifle “  on my 22 rifles with outstanding success. I was once informed by a so-called expert that doing this would not work because of parallax issues. Well, don’t tell that to the piles of squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and grain rats that met their fate with this rifle scope.

My point is simply this. Today there are many different scope designs and many are built for gun platform styles and sizes like the AR-15. As such these scopes will also retain a solid fit as applied to the smaller receiver size found on the Ruger 10/22. Don’t be afraid of giving some of these different approaches in glass sights a try down the line. 

For more reading see our article on 9x magnification at 100 yards and applications of a 9x scope.

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