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Trijicon Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know

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Did you know that Trijicon was championed by a man who originally thought it was just his side job? 

That man, Glyn Bindon, was the driving force behind a company that supplied the U.S. Marine Corps with the legendary ACOG and VCOG rifle sights they use in combat. He innovated continuously, and even after his death, the company continued this legacy, with its thermal scope line first engineered in 2017.

These days, Trijicon thermal scopes are known across the market as the top scopes to get if you require the best.

Trijicon Company Overview

What came after Bindon secured contracts with the US Military in 1987 was the eventual move into the civilian hunter and shooting enthusiast realm as the company flourished. 

Now, Trijicon is known for the quality and durability of its products that undergo a rigorous testing protocol as part of its “Science of Brilliant” production and testing method. 

Their products all undergo Alaska to Africa Temperature testing, Solid Zero Accuracy testing, shock, and vibration testing, drop testing, and immersion testing before they are produced and offered to the public and military. (1)

When Did Trijicon Start?

Trijicon was founded in 1981, known as Armson USA back then until 1985, and its extensive experience in the industry is evident. Though they did not start manufacturing thermal rifle scopes until 2017, they have a legacy of excellence within the marketplace dedicated to sights and optics for precision use on a rifle.

Where Did Trijicon Start?

Trijicon was founded and still operates out of Wixcom, Michigan. They still design, engineer, machine, and assemble most of their products in Wixcom and at their other facility in Auburn, California.

Where Does Trijicon Make its Products?

In Auburn, CA, and Wixcom, MI, at the two facilities where most of their products are produced – a few parts are manufactured at a facility in Japan and assembled in the USA. However, some riflescopes are entirely manufactured in Japan to the exacting standards Trijicon adheres to. 

In fact, they make sure to randomly test every product line and offer all types of guarantees when purchasing a product from them.

Do Trijicon Scopes Have A Warranty?

Trijicon offers one of the best warranty policies in this industry. In fact, they offer all original owners a limited lifetime warranty, as the company hopes to make sure all products are made to work flawlessly and should for the lifetime of the product. 

If there are any defects in the materials or the workmanship of the product, they will repair or replace it at no cost for the lifetime of the original owner of the product. However, if the owner uses it in a manner it was not intended for or causes damage to the product, this will void the warranty.

Where Can I Buy Trijicon Thermal Scopes?

You can purchase Trijicon thermal scopes on their website and several other well-known weapons and optics marketplace websites (Optics Planet, Midway USA, Amazon). They are also usually available at local gun shops, where they are eligible to be sold as the Trijicon thermal scopes are some of the best in the industry.

Are Trijicon Scopes Worth It?

When you purchase a Trijicon thermal scope, you get some of the best technology and durability that money can buy, backed by incredible innovation and a time-tested reputation. And not only do they make quality products, but they also offer a great warranty too. 

You can purchase some of the most expensive thermal scopes, with some products around $10000. If brand name and legacy are what is most important to you, then these products may be worth it, but if you don’t want to spend several months’ worth of paychecks, you can probably find something cheaper elsewhere to meet your needs.

Other Companies That Make Thermal Scopes

Other from Trijicon, there are many other companies that make thermal scopes. Follow the list to take a look at our full list.


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