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What Rifle Scopes Are Made in the USA [In 2024]

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There’s a sense of pride that comes with buying nationally manufactured rifle scopes. Not only can you trust the quality of the product, but you can also take pride in supporting US jobs. 

If you’re in the market for these products, find out what rifle scopes are made in the USA and which you shouldn’t waste your time on.

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Key Takeaways

  • The top American-made rifle scope brands include Leupold, Trijicon, U.S. Optics, D.Z. Arms, EOTech, and Nightforce.
  • Read labels carefully and even products’ website pages to find out the particular details about the origin of a product to be sure of what you’re buying.
  • Understanding the difference between claims like ‘made,’ ‘designed,’ and ‘assembled’ in the USA will help you understand whether a product is 100% USA-made or comes from another country.

Top American-Made Rifle Scope Brands

Let’s look at the top rifle scope brands based in America.


Leupold Mark 5HD mounted on a rifle

Leopold is one of the leading rifle scope manufacturers. It has been in business since 1907, making them reliable veterans in this field.

The company’s headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon, where scopes are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested. Even though some of their products are made in Japan and China, their rifle scopes are strictly made in the USA.

Fingers adjusting the elevation knob of a Leupold scope

Keep in mind that the company also makes other products, such as binoculars and rangefinders, which may be manufactured in other countries.

But when looking for AR scopes made in USA, you can be confident Leopold is the real deal. Some of their famous scopes include the F.X. Series, Mark 5HD, and Mark 3HD. (1


Trijicon scope mounted on a rifle

Trijicon is also an American company, with headquarters in Wixom, Michigan. Unlike Leopold, Trijicon is fairly new in the market and was established in 1981. It produces different types of optics, such as rifle scopes, red dot sights, iron sights, and thermal scopes.

Trijicon has two manufacturing plants in the U.S. One is in Wixom, Michigan, and the other is in Auburn, California. Although they manufacture most of their products in their U.S. facilities, some are manufactured in Japan or contain components made in Japan.

Trijicon scope mounted on a rifle and pebbles in the background

The Trijicon scopes that are made entirely in the USA are the ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) and VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) models. 

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On the other hand, Trijicon’s Accupoint rifle scopes are assembled in their USA facility, as are some components. Their Huron, Ascent, Tenmile, and Credo rifle scopes are entirely made in Japan. (2)

U.S. Optics

Foundation series scope on a rifle and boxes in the background

U.S. Optics has been manufacturing rifle scopes for over 30 years. They have headquarters in Connelly Springs, North Carolina, where they manufacture various optics. That said, the only U.S. Optics rifle scopes manufactured in the U.S. are the Foundation series rifle scopes.

Their other scopes are imported from overseas and undergo rigorous testing in their North Carolina facility before being distributed to the public. (3)

D.Z. Arms

D.Z. Arms was established in 1991 and has headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although the company manufactures scopes, it also offers other products and services, including firearm repair and restoration services.

Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope on a rifle

Their Malcolm Style 8 Power Scope is manufactured in the U.S. using domestically sourced parts to ensure quality workmanship. 

The company isn’t as prominent or well-equipped as Leopold or Vortex. In fact, there have been occasions when a customer makes an order only for the item to not be ready yet. That means you’ll have to wait for a while before receiving your product.

Aside from that, you can be confident that D.Z. Arms Malcolm Style scope is 100% handcrafted in the U.S. for exceptional clarity. (4)


Fingers adjusting the windage knob of an EOTech scope

EOTech (Electro-Optical Technology) is an optics company that designs and manufactures different optical systems, including rifle scopes. The company is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, with manufacturing facilities in the same location and Traverse City, Michigan.

This Michigan-based company is popular for its high-quality products that even the military forces use their accessories in battle. As EOTech’s website states, their scopes are designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Fingers adjusting the elevation knob of an EOTech scope

Because of their superior quality and technology, many people like buying EOTech products. This has seen several companies produce fake products to trick customers into buying them. 

As a consumer, be careful when buying EOTech rifle scopes, especially if the deal is too good. EOTech products aren’t exactly cheap. (5)


Nightforce scope mounted on a rifle

Nightforce is a US-based optics manufacturer that’s quite popular in Europe and North America. Their high-quality scopes are used in various situations, such as law enforcement, competition shooting, and tactical shooting. The company also offers other products, including spotting scopes and sports optics.

Nightforce Optics headquarters are in Orofino, Idaho, where they produce their riflescopes. They also have another office in Lavonia, Georgia, that mostly handles sales, marketing, and distribution. 

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But not all Nightforce scopes are made in the USA. The ATACR and BEAST scopes are manufactured in the U.S., but the lens glass is made in Japan. The NX8, NXS, and SHV Rifle Scope Series are made in Japan. (6)

Finding Scopes Actually Made in the USA

Man aiming the rifle with an LPVO scope 

When looking for scopes made in the USA, you need to read the labels carefully. Also, check the product’s website for more information about the origin of the product.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

Most people often wonder what ‘made in the USA’ really means. If I buy a Nightforce BEAST scope that is made in the USA, but the glass comes from Japan, am I really buying a made-in-the-USA product? What if I buy an ‘assembled in the USA’ rifle scope? What does that mean?

Scope mounted on a display

This is what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says about a product labeled made in the USA.

‘A product is referred to as made in the USA if all or virtually all of it is made in America. That means the major parts, labor, and process that go towards the making of the product must be of U.S. origin.’

“Ain’t nobody ever seen a picture of me with no gun. I have my guns for safety.”

Lil Yachty

For us to say we are using American-made rifle scopes, they must be manufactured and assembled in the USA.

For more reading on rifle scopes, see our post on what power scope is needed for 1000 yards.

Made in the USA vs Assembled in the USA

You may encounter labels like ‘made in the USA,’ ‘assembled in the USA,’ or even ‘designed in the USA.’ Does this mean the same thing? 

Not really. Made in the USA means that the product is fully made in the USA, while assembled in the USA means parts come from different countries, and only the assembling is done in the USA.

In the case of ‘designed in the USA, ‘ it means the product was designed in the USA, but the manufacturing might have happened in another region. If you’re strict about the origin of the product you want to buy, then watch out for such labels as they can be misleading.

For more reading on scopes, see our write-up on the meaning of MOA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vortex scopes made in the USA?

Vortex scopes aren’t made in the USA apart from the Vortex Razor HD AMG. The rest are made in China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Are Burris scopes made in USA?

Certain Burris scopes are 100% made in the USA, like the Burris XTR iii, while the rest are made in Japan and the Philippines.

Are any scopes made in America?

Yes, there are certain scopes fully made in America, such as the Burris XTR iii, Leupold Mark 5HD, and Trijicon ACOG scopes.


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