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Where Are Swampfox Optics Made [in 2023]?

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If you’re looking for versatile and reliable rifle scopes, Swamp Fox is a new brand that offers a wide assortment of products of varying quality and clarity. But before you drop any cash on these optics, it helps to know where and how they’re made. Here’s what we discovered. 

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Where Are SwampFox Optics Made?

As with other optical brands, SwampFox uses a Chinese manufacturer to build and assemble its products. 

The way it works is that SwampFox designers come up with the schematic for the scope and send it to a Chinese factory. Then, Swampfox optics are made according to these specifications, shipped back to the United States, and then distributed to resellers across the country.

Where Is SwampFox Headquarters Located?

SwampFox headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado. The company was founded in 2018, so it’s still pretty new to the industry. 

The name SwampFox stems from a Revolutionary War hero named Francis Marion (aka the “Swamp Fox”). Marion led successful militia campaigns against the British, using guerilla tactics and the environment to his advantage. Marion’s story was partly the basis for the 2000 film The Patriot. (Reference: SwampFox Optics)

What Are the Top-Selling SwampFox Optics?

Swampfox scope mounted on a rifle with a bipod

Although SwampFox doesn’t make its sales public, there are several optics that are most popular and featured heavily in reviews and on the site itself. These scopes include: 

  • WarHawk – This is a precision rifle scope that offers up to 25x variable zoom settings, meaning you can target objects well over 2,000 yards away. While SwampFox scopes are not as resilient as other precision scopes like Vortex or Leupold, they can hold their own. 
  • Liberator – Red dot sights are perfect for short-range shooting and close-quarters combat, and the Liberator is a lightweight and accurate model. It works with both eyes open and is built super tough. 
  • Saber – Prism scopes are beneficial for shooters with astigmatism, and they offer better clarity of vision. The Saber offers 1-5x variable zoom and uses etched reticles for better aim.
  • Arrowhead – This LPVO is a great budget option that offers 1-8x variable magnification and is excellent for short to mid-range shooting. Check out this comprehensive review for an in-depth look:

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FAQs About SwampFox Optics

Are SwampFox optics any good?

Yes, SwampFox optics are good for beginners and experienced shooters. Although this brand is relatively new, it offers a comprehensive 50,000-round money-back guarantee for all of its products. 

Where is SwampFox Optics manufacturing?

SwampFox rifle scopes are manufactured in China, but the factories use specifications and schematics designed by American engineers. Also, SwampFox distributes its products from its headquarters in the United States. 

What scopes are not made in China?

SwampFox doesn’t disclose which of its products are not made in China, so we have to assume that all of its products are produced overseas. As far as we know, none of the products on its sight explicitly say they’re “made in the USA.”

Who owns SwampFox?

Christopher D Cox is the CEO of SwampFox, and it doesn’t appear that any other companies or entities own SwampFox Tactical Optics. 

Is SwampFox an American company?

Yes, SwampFox is an American company that outsources its manufacturing to China. Its headquarters and distribution center are located in Colorado, USA. 


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